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The Pit Stop With Agency Revolution: Manage Your Agency’s Pipeline

We’re Giving Fuse a Turbo-boost With Pipeline Management

Pull into The Pit Stop this month—we’re giving a look under the hood of a major new upgrade coming to Fuse. The powerful new Pipeline Management tool will turbo-boost your agency’s ability to track and follow up with every lead so you can convert more prospects and build workflows to improve customer service.

Joel Zwicker, The Insurance Evangelist, and Lucas Jans, Vice President of Product at Agency Revolution, provide a comprehensive walkthrough of all the new capabilities coming to Fuse users, as well as who will be getting the upgrade and when. 

When you watch this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • A comprehensive introduction of Pipeline Management
  • A step-by-step preview of how your agency can implement the new capabilities
  • Best practices for customizing the Pipeline Management tool to suit your agency’s needs
  • Tips on how to increase your closing ratio with this tool

Learn about the new Pipeline Management tool and how it will transform your agency’s sales processes and customer service when you watch this webinar.

Are you revved up and ready to take a closer look at how your agency can leverage Pipeline Management to grow? Contact your support representative or book a demo, and we’ll be happy to help you out!