Michael Jans, Co-Founder, Agency Revolution, Principal, Michael Jans Advisory

Michael Jans, Co-Founder, Agency Revolution, Principal, Michael Jans Advisory

Our host, Michael Jans, takes the mic to answer the question “Can an insurance agency grow by itself?” The Co-Founder and former CEO of Agency Revolution serves as a growth advisor to many of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies and insurtechs in North America.

In this podcast, Michael pulls back the curtain on how his own fast-growth client agencies grow 25-40% or more per year. He openly shares insights on: 

  • Why a few key growth systems sky-rocket top-line revenue when installed
  • The four-stage process that gives agency principals and marketers clarity on how to drive growth
  • A simple method fast-growth agencies use to add new skills, capabilities, and customers
  • Why highly productive agents and principals choose peer-accountability groups for networking

If you’re serious about making growth easier and faster in the modern age, make this episode a priority!

Presented by Agency Revolution, the Connected Insurance Podcast provides bi-weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth. Our hosts facilitate thoughtful panels and 1:1 conversations with a variety of prominent thought leaders, with a focus on how to streamline and drive operational efficiency for your independent agency through the intelligent use of technology.

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