Jordan Goodman, Co-Founder, CFO, Total CSR, Inc, CEO, Goodman Insurance Services, Inc. on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Jordan Goodman, Co-Founder, CFO, Total CSR, Inc, CEO, Goodman Insurance Services, Inc. 

When Jordan Goodman and his brother took the reins of their third generation insurance agency, they noticed a troubling trend: high turnover. With 25% of the industry expected to retire in the next four years, it became clear this was an industry-wide problem. 

How do you train new workers – especially if they have no industry experience? Jordan and his brother set out to create a solution and built Total CSR, which helps over 1,300 agencies solve their talent problem. In this episode, Jordan shares his insight on:

  • How to reduce training time of new employees
  • How to get new hires to stay with your agency for the long haul
  • How to meet the employment demands of the millennial generation

Jordan has spoken with thousands of agency owners about hiring and training new employees. Every agency principal and manager should listen to his approach to solving one of the biggest looming challenges facing the industry: attracting and training new talent. 

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