Michael Konialian, Vice President and General Manager at CoverWallet for Agencies on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Michael Konialian, VP and General Manager, CoverWallet for Agents

Trailing the disruption of financial services channels and functions—banking, payments, etc—Michael Konialian has declared that insurance has hit the tipping point. Yet he’s bullish on the independent agent. He sees more profit moving in the direction of the agency, along with a superior customer experience. 

But not for everyone. Drawing on his experience as VP and General Manager at CoverWallet for Agents, in this podcast episode he shares his insights on:

  • The critical skill sets future agents will need to rise above the pack
  • The unstoppable momentum of technology in the modern agency – and how agents can ride it in the right direction
  • How today’s agent can deliver superior service and earn more loyal clients

The world of insurance is changing fast. If keeping up—and winning—is a priority for you, this conversation is a must-listen episode. 

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