Learn to attract leads with video marketing

When we talk about content marketing, we tend to focus on written pieces like blogs, ebooks, and social media posts. While these are all essential, we can’t ignore one of the most effective types of content out there: video. 

Video can help you to: 

  • Become a thought leader
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate new leads

Video is more engaging than written content, and it does wonders for SEO, user experience, and lead generation. By creating and distributing video over digital channels, agents and brokers can significantly increase the effectiveness of their content strategy.

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Charlotte: Hello everyone, welcome to today’s webinar or should I say howdy and Happy Halloween. I wish I could see if you all had costumes on too. I really hope you do. I’m Charlotte. I am a marketing associate here at Agency Revolution. Today we are going to talk about the power of video, how you can use visual content for lead generation. We will be sending out a recording of this. If you miss anything don’t freak out. I do encourage you to take notes. We also will be answering questions in the question box. Throw them in there whenever something comes up. We’ll do our best to answer them or I’ll do my best as I’m going through the presentation. Certainly, at the end, I’ll address everything that I haven’t gotten to yet.

Let’s begin. Video is really the new frontier for marketing. Why? YouTube is huge, first of all. YouTube has over a billion users which is almost one-third of total Internet users. YouTube also there’s more video content uploaded in 30 days on YouTube than the major US television networks have created in 30 years. That is a lot of video. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. 87% of online marketers use video. How does that stack up against other mediums? 87% use video and look at how that compares everywhere else. Only 66% are using blogs. 44% are articles. 44% use photo galleries and 20% use other. These are marketers who are finding success with video and they continue to invest in it because they’ve seen how many results they’re able to get from it. I’m going to take this off. I think you all get it that it’s Halloween.

Video is so effective partly because it’s just the way the human brain works. Humans can consume images 16,000 times faster than they can consume text. Think about how much more information you can give someone with a one minute video than one minute worth of reading a 300-word blog. You can fit in so much more information, and not just facts but just like the adage says, a picture says a thousand words while a video says even more. Video is important. It can really make a big difference for your marketing. It is how people prefer to receive content in 2019.

You notice it yourself. You go on your social media pages and it’s all video. Whether it’s a professionally done video. Whether just it’s a selfie video. Video is king right now. If you’re not taking advantage of it to market your agency then it’s time to give it a try. Let’s tell you how you could do it and how it works. What can video do for you? It’s not just a pretty way to show off your face a show off your office. It’s really a way to make tangible results for your marketing. What does it do? It generates leads. It does that because people are going to find these videos on social media, on YouTube, on your website. I maybe even on a third-party page and they’re going to get to know you. Get to know your expertise, who you are as an agent, what’s going on in your office, what value you bring to people.

It also drives referrals for the same reason. Someone who’s a current customer of yours they say, “Hey, check out my agent.” Then you’ve got these great videos. They can get to know you and who you are and be interested in working with you without even having to pick up the phone or come to your office. You can start making that human connection anytime. Anytime they want to check out your website they can start to figure out and figure out who you are and get to know you. Similarly, it helps to grow client relationships for the same reason. You send out a video that talks about, maybe it’s a Halloween video. Maybe it’s talking about what your office is doing for Halloween. Maybe you are going to a community event. Maybe you all dressed up. That’s a great way for people to say, “Look, my agent is a human being. He cares or she cares about having fun and being relatable. I am happy that that’s my agent.”

That I have that in common with them that I can relate to them I’m not just only talking about insurance. Because that’s at the end of the day what a lot of marketing is all about, is, of course, you have that expertise about insurance and you know how to get them the policies they need. What’s going to convince them to work with you is that human element and showing your personality. Convincing and hey you’re the agent for them. Video is a great way to do that. Video can establish you as a thought leader. If you’re putting out videos that really speak to your expertise and your knowledge about the industry. That’s going to help not only convince your clients that you’re you’ve got the knowledge they need. Their referrals potential prospects. Also, the outside world that might help you get yourself onto some guest blogs. Get yourself out into the community speak about these topics in different lecture series or whatever it may be. It just provides a new method for you to get your message out there.

Like I said, a one minute video can hold as much information as 1.8 million words. I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in writing a 1.8 million word blog. I’d much rather make a 1-minute long video. It’s efficient, it’s effective and it’s really worth giving it a shot. There’s a lot of other benefits for video. It’s great for short attention spans. Especially if people are just on their Facebook, on their LinkedIn. They may need don’t want to have to click over and watch a blog, read a blog, or read all this text. If they can just quickly watch a 30-second minute-long video and then move on with their days, that’s great. With images keeps it moving, it really gives people engaged.

Video also has a fun melding of information and entertainment or infotainment. You’re providing information in an entertaining way, best of both Worlds. You can also really present interesting visual metaphors. It doesn’t have to be so cut and dry like a blog. You can really get creative with video and use two ways to explain potentially complicated topics. Video supports different learning styles. We all know this from back in school. Some people are better at learning audibly. Some people are better at reading things. Some people prefer video. If you have a topic, for example, that you put in a blog and then you put it in a video. That means that no matter what how people prefer to get their information they can get the information from you. Because you offer it and all these different ways. Maybe you’ll even do a podcast, I don’t know, really take advantage of all the opportunities.

You get it. Video is important. Video can really make a big difference in your marketing and in your ability to grow those relationships to reach new leads and to convince referrals that you’re the agent for them. What do you even do with these videos? What should they be about? Before you sit. Before you even press record you want to answer these questions. Because that’s going help make sure that your video is effective. Because you don’t want to put all this time into filming a new video and then realize too late that it just doesn’t have the right message, it’s not effective.

These are the questions you want ask yourself. Who is my audience? What is the intention of the video? Different videos are going to have different audiences. Maybe you’re doing one video that’s specifically for your clients. It’s telling them reminding them to do to contact you for certain consultation or reminding them of a holiday that’s coming up or a milestone that’s coming up for something that they need to make sure they check in on or fill out a form. It could be specifically for referrals or specifically or prospects speaking to your values and what you have to offer. Nail down– It also could be video for all those people at once.

Nail down who the audience is for the video, what the intention is. Ask yourself, what am I ideal clients my ideal customers care about? How can you make a video that speaks to what they care about? What sets you and your agency apart? On what topics are you an expert? Do you think about these questions? This is going to help you come up with a lot of ideas for videos. Hopefully, these are gonna be videos that may be the agency down the street is not coming up with. Because they have a different audience. They have a different thing that sets them apart. They have their clients. Have different things they care about. They’re experts on different things. You think about what is personal to you and your clients and make videos about that. They’re going to be unique. Which is what you want your videos to be at the end of the day.

There’s two topics I want you to think about when you’re sketching out these video ideas. The first category are insurance videos. That might be addressing Frequently Asked Questions that you get people are calling and or emailing you about. Doing a video that’s answering, what should I do. What should be in my earthquake kit or whatever it maybe? Doing a video about checklists to help keep you safe so you don’t have to file a claim. Also just answering those common questions you get about policies and just addressing common topics. Maybe there’s some buzzwords that people don’t really understand. Just do a 30-second video that’s what is this kind of insurance? What does an insurance agent do? Something like that could be really fun and really helpful for people to get the information that they need.

This is going to help establish you as a thought leader and prove to people that you have the expertise that you’re looking for. I’m going to some ensure a quick video of what I’m talking about. Excuse me.

Participant: If you’re in a car accident don’t panic. First things first, are you or anyone else injured? Call 911 if anyone needs help. Are the vehicles drivable? Get them to a safe place off the road or on the shoulder. When you get out of your car, make sure you don’t apologize for the accident. Doing that could incriminate you. Stay calm, level headed, and foot.

Charlotte: That’s a good example of something that’s addressing your expertise and speaking to your industry. That’s actually a video that is offered in the Agency Revolution content library. If you’re currently a customer of ours, you might be able to find that. I’ll send that out via your website or email or social media. We have lots of videos like that address different insurance-related topics.

The next category that I want you to think about after those insurance industry-related topics are lifestyle videos. Like I was saying before, you can have all the knowledge in the world but if people don’t feel like they can relate to you, then they might not be interested in working with you as their agent. You want to show who you are, show your personality and prove that, “hey, I’m a human being just like you, I can relate to you. Wouldn’t you want to grab a cup of coffee with me?”

Types of videos, I’m talking about maybe team introduction. Maybe every person in your office gets to do a little 30-second video of who they are, what they like to do outside the office, why they love working with their clients, you could do a tour of your office, especially if your office has some personality, or not your office, maybe your neighborhood. Show your community involvement. Maybe talk about a charity that you work for, or work with rather or again, community stuff.

There’s a community event going on, and your own events. If you hosted events, film, parts of it, make a trailer for next time. That’s a great promotion for the when you do it again, and it’s just people. People can share it be like, hey, look, my agent put on this cool event and I got to be part of it and say, look, my agent doesn’t do thatI wish mine did. Just think about those similar questions from before. What sets you apart? What are your ideal clients care about and show that in these videos?

One of the great ways you want to start with that is with what are called intro videos. These introduction videos really build a rapport with all of your contacts. This is where you’re going to introduce yourself and you can illustrate your values. Why you care about this industry, why you care about your clients, why you work in this industry, define your brand, and who you work with, and what you’re able to bring to the table, introduce your services and just express yourself. Let them see who you are in a video. You can really create strong human connections when you’re watching a video. Think about it. You watch the news, for example, you can tell like, oh, I think I like that anger or this one because they seem whatever.

If so much is really stiff and talking, that doesn’t get off their personality, it doesn’t help you connect with them. Making an introduction video, it feels natural and shows who you are, can be really effective in building those connections. I’m going to show you an example of that in a bit. How can you actually use these videos to reach new leads? Because at the end of the day, that’s everyone’s intention. That’s the goal. How can you do that? Sorry.

Well, I’ll say first that you might think, oh, video is just to look good, and my clients will like it. I’ll think it’s fun, but actually, 81% of people have been convinced to work with a business by watching their videos. It’s real. It’s not just about feeling good about yourself for that video, people really do make business decisions for themselves based on videos that they are able to watch. Why not give yourself a leg up and start creating your own videos to convince those people to work with you? How do you film your own videos? I get it. It’s really daunting if you’ve never done it before and you feel like you need all this equipment and 10% crew and the clapper board and all that good stuff but you really don’t. It can really be easy.

I will say if you’re really interested in video and you want to take this conversation a step further, I encourage you to check out a podcast we recently did, is a video masterclass for insurance agencies. We had Ron Sheetz, who’s the Vice President at RJ Media magic. Shows all about what you need for video and how insurance agencies can get started and what tools they need. I would absolutely give this a listen. It’s on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast Stitcher, everywhere you listen to podcasts. It’s also on our website. It’s revolution.com. Give that a listen. I think you’ll find a lot of tips that will help you.

For a bit of a sparknotes version, I’m going to just show you a video. I had not talked about that yet. What you need for the basics is really all you need is a smartphone with a camera. You don’t need a whole massive rental camera, whatever your phone with the camera or even your webcam like I’m using right now. That is great. That’s really all you need. Like I said, you’re going through social media, that’s what people are using. You can use higher quality stuff, which is I’m going to show in a second, but you don’t necessarily need it, especially if you’re just getting started.

If you’re doing a webcam, you don’t need anything else, really just your computer if you have a webcam that has good quality video. If you’re going to use the smartphone, all you need is a tripod that has a phone adapter, you can buy on Amazon for like seven bucks, stick it on the top of your thing and it holds the phone. An editing tool and honestly, you can go fancier and get Adobe Premiere or there’s lots of other tools out there, but if you’re just making something simple using iMovie or the windows 10 editor, whatever’s on the laptop or your computer that you have, it’s going to do the right thing unless you if you really want to get fancy, then either working with an outside editor or paying for a better quality program, that’s great. If you’re just want to put your logo on something and put together a few little clips, I believe in you, you can make this happen or you’re more tech-savvy kid or assistant can help you out as well.

I’ll say too, if you want to go to the next level, there’s a lot of really awesome video products out there that these are all on Amazon. These are all like 20, 30 bucks. It’s a tripod that’s got the phone stand, so even have a remote so you can start filming it from sitting at your desk. You don’t even need to bring someone in to press record, or you can upgrade with this one on the end and has a little light, has a microphone and that’s I think like 50 bucks. It’s really not that much and will help you make videos that feel professional while still feeling personal.

If you do want to upgrade a little bit and do something a little bit fancier, you can absolutely work with an outside company. If you live anywhere near a university or even a high school, there’s going to be kids who are trying to learn how to do film and they would love to come in and work with you and make something. This is definitely of a higher quality but I just want to give you an example. This actually from a financial advisor, but the principles are the same.

Robert Fross: Outside the office, some a family person, I have a beautiful wife and two children. Spending time with them is pretty important. One of the real joys I have is in my two children, both McKenna and Tony. We’re very fortunate to have a home and office right in the middle of Central Florida. It’s really the first capital of the world and as a family, especially with mechanical likes to horseback ride, that’s something that we’re able to take full advantage of.

Charlotte: That’s just a nice little– It introduces who he is and you think, “hey, I want to work with that guy. He seems nice. He seems fun. He seems like we’d have something to talk about.” That’s not just one his example wealth management and finance, but you want to give that same feeling for people who are looking for an insurance agent. That’s just an example. That’s obviously a little bit fancier. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra and hire someone to work on that for you, then it’s a pretty beautiful finished product. If you’re want to keep it basic, which if you haven’t used video yet, I would absolutely recommend.

You just need those basics tools, like I said, phone and tripod, editing tools, and then all you have to do is sit down and plan what you want to communicate and write your script. Make sure you address those questions we talked about at the beginning and fit those in there. Grab their attention, add some visuals, maybe include a little few shots of your office of you walking around in the neighborhood or whatever it is that shows who you are. Set the mood, use some use of music. If you need to fix the lighting in your office, I would do it. Some office lighting can be pretty harsh, and it’s not going to make you look very good.

Even just bringing in more lamps, bringing in natural light, all those things are just going to help set the mood and make your video seem more natural and more appealing and keep it short. I’m saying this even though I’m doing a 30-plus minute webinar, but intro videos, under two minutes is perfect. That’s a great amount to share on social media, to have on YouTube, to send a link out in your emails short and sweet. It’s going to get the message across but people aren’t going to be too intimidated and two minutes, that’s easy to feel. That’s not that much. That’s a little bit of talking, a little bit of filming. You can make it happen. I believe in you.

Always remember when you’re filming these videos, how important body language is. Like I said, you’ve watched that guy in the news and if he’s super stiff, you write them off or it’s just not as pleasant to watch. Always smile with your eyes, stay open. Don’t cross your arms, keep yourself open and with your legs too, don’t do too much fidgeting, I’m probably doing some of that today, make deliberate motions and look sharp, look the way you want your clients to see you on your best day. Whoever that is, that doesn’t have to be a three-piece suit or a tuxedo if that’s not your vibe, but you don’t want it to look like you just rolled out of bed either.

I’ll say too that if you haven’t really spent a lot of time on camera or doing a lot of public speaking, practice, practice, practice. Film yourself and see how your body language is at. Do you look open? Do you look engaging? Do you look like you want to connect with people? Are you doing a lot of fidgeting? All the times if you haven’t seen yourself on video, you don’t even realize that you’re doing this or you’re doing this, you’re doing this. Practice, watch yourself back. You’ll notice all little quirks about yourself and hopefully turn it down.

When you’re making these videos, you want to choose valuable topics. That’s going to ensure that your video helps you achieve all those goals of reaching new clients, reaching new referrals, growing those client relationships. Some of the questions before you want to know what are your ideal client’s questions, pains, interests? What are they searching for online? What do they want to learn about? How can you present your unique value? If you include all those things, that’s going to help you reach those new leads with video.

Always make sure your video is adding value. That could be like that super personal video. This is me and my family, but it can also be these are super fun Halloween costumes. It can run the gamut of how serious or how silly but that’s all still providing value. Always make sure that you’re doing that. Video will help you reach new leads when you take advantage of SEO and video is great for SEO for a few different reasons. First, you’re able to answer search questions with video titles. People are searching what do I do if I get in a car accident?

You can create a video that’s literally called that and addresses that question, people are going to find it. Then they’re going to find your agency and get the information that they need. Video also decreases bounce rates if it’s on your websites who were going to go into your website and instead of just saying like, “Oh, click away or read it for three seconds and click away.” They just watch the video. They’re going to be on your page for 1, 2, 3 minutes. That’s increasing the time on page and Google notices that. They notice, “Oh, hey, this web page people like it, people are spending time on it and they’ll reward that and they’ll increase your rankings over time.”

Video also leads to deep dives because people are able to connect with you in that new way and get a lot of information at once like you said and that will hopefully spark a better connection than just a blog and they’ll want to watch your next video. Especially if you’re on YouTube. They’ll just click next, click next, click next and keep watching everything that you’ve put out there.

How do you optimize video for SEO? You want to put your keywords in the title. Like I said what do I do after a car accident or whatever it may be. Put that in the title and put that in the description. That’s going to make it easy for people to find it. If you just call your title like Charlotte’s video, then people aren’t going to find it. No one’s going to be searching for that. Address the questions people are going to have. You can put the name of your company in there as well. That can be pretty helpful.

Always add captions and subtitles. You can hire a lot of outside services to do that. Also, if you’re going to put your video up on YouTube and Facebook as well, they add captions automatically. Then wherever you send the video after it’s on YouTube, it’ll include those captions. They’ll auto-generate them for you and then you can just go in and you can edit them. They’re not always going to be perfect. They might spell your name wrong or something like that. You fix them up and they’re set. That is great for SEO because it encourages people to watch it even if they don’t have their sound on it or have their headphones. It also helps keep your ADA compliant which is always great.

Also, always put the video on your website. That’s going to help because you can share it out. It generates more traffic for you. Like I said, that’s what’s going to bring you at SEO boosts is by having people stay in your site longer and learn that your website is a hub for your video. Video, it makes it easy for people to find you and you want to help them with that.

The videos on YouTube always include a link to your website at the bottom and put your name on the video may be put at the bottom. the name of your company. If your video is just you talking and there’s no title card, there’s no way for people to know who you are, what company you work with, then you’re not going to get those leads. Make sure you find ways to tie it back to you.

You’ve made this video, you optimize it for SEO, it’s on your website, but maybe still, no one’s watching it. What do you do with it? Like I said, First stop, always have it on your blog, always have it on your website when you make a new video. That’s the very least. Then, in order to do that, a lot of times we suggest putting it up on YouTube or Vimeo or Wisteria. That’s what we use personally here at Agency Revolution. That’s going to just make it easier to share out. A lot of times, it’s hard to host a video on your web page especially if you have a lot of videos because that just slows things down.

I would use one of those outside parties and it’s easy, you just get an embed link from those and you embed it into your website. You get to keep all those views, you get to figure out where people are watching it. Just keeps all your stats in one place. Then the next level is sharing it on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can absolutely just share the link to the blog with the videos on or just sharing YouTube link. Facebook and LinkedIn they really do prefer when you upload it onto their sites and they often will share it more.

Also, if you wanted to do some paid advertising, it’s a lot easier to do it if it’s playing in there. Otherwise, it’s going to have to link over to your blog or link over to YouTube. If you upload it there, they can just watch it right in their feet. I recommend doing that. Then you want to share it with your contacts? Email it out, put it in a newsletter or just do an email says, “Hey, I’ve created this video. I think you guys really like it.” Question we get all the time. Can I put my video in my email or why can’t I do that?

Well, it’s problematic. A lot of email tools, they don’t really like that. They view it as spam, they might send that email to the spam filters. This is not always going to work on different platforms. We always recommend do a screenshot of a thumbnail and put that picture in the email, link that picture over to wherever the video lives. That’s just going to make everything a lot easier and it’s going to help boost your SEO because it’s driving traffic back to your website which is really what you want to be doing whenever possible.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out a way to get the video. In the email, just put a link. That’s going to make everything a lot easier. If you want your video to see most people do all those channels. Something I want to mention is Facebook Live and also LinkedIn live which they just announced. Not everyone has access to it yet, but you might, I don’t know.

There’s a way you can research LinkedIn live beta access or something like that. You can find a way to request access, but this is a great tool. It’s really engaging, it can increase views, it’s going to reach more people because I don’t know if you’ve noticed if you have a page you follow that goes live, you get a notification that says, “Hey, Agency Revolution is doing a live video, do you want to watch?” You can do on Instagram as well if that’s apart from us.

It’s just really fun. I would recommend it. It works great for answering questions. You could say, “Hey, I’m going to be talking about our policies or whatever it may be or our next event or who our offices. You prepared questions? Join us at 10.” People can jump on, they can ask questions, you can interact, then you can say, “Oh, hey, I see, Sarah’s watching, hey, Sarah” It’s just really engaging and it’s just a fun way to use social media and use video.

Both these channels are making it a lot easier. I think it’s Facebook where now you can do a rehearsal. In live, you can edit it a little bit before you post it. They’re making it easier for people to create something quality while using these live tools. Just always make sure you promote it so you can send out an email telling people when you’re going to go live, do some social media posts about it. Get the word out. Just a fun idea if you’re looking to do something new.

What are some takeaways about video? Well, video is the future of marketing. Marketers across industries have realized how important it is. Video, it can be able to convey so many more ideas and feelings and brand way better than a blog ever could. Video is also not as difficult as you may think. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg. You just need your phone, a script. You don’t even have to do a script. If you’re super comfortable, you can just wing it. “Hey, why not?” It doesn’t have to be rocket science. I believe in you that you can make it happen. Video is an awesome opportunity to show your personality and your unique value as an agency.

You don’t want to mess that up. Make sure that you’re giving out those feelings. Share it to some people, people in your office maybe even your friends and family and say, “Hey, does this look like me? Does this feel like me? Are you understanding the value of my brand and my company by watching this video?” If it’s not, then think about re-filming it. The fourth takeaway is spread it far and wide. Put it on your website, put it on YouTube, put it on social media, and just get it out there to as many places as you can, and you may be rewarded.

Well, I have a few questions that I want to answer. Someone asks, how do you post videos on the social media platforms? The same way that you’re going to make a post, I would recommend if you’re going to upload the videos, do them in the platform as opposed to through Agency Revolution product. Go into Facebook, go into LinkedIn, upload the video. There you add a title, you say your captions, you add the thumbnail, you write the caption above it. That’s it. It’s just like setting up a post if you need some help, there’s a lot of tutorials out there online to help you go through all the steps to do that. Same thing with YouTube. YouTube’s also super easy. That is most of the questions.

If you don’t have a social media posting tool through Agency Revolution that doesn’t keep you from using video, you can absolutely just go on to those channels and make videos yourself. I’ll say too that if you do have access to a content library, use it for sure, like use the AR videos if you have access to them or if you have another service. Creating these custom videos, which is what I’m talking about here, is really going to take your agency to the next level. Doing the combination of the two is great because if you use the content library, then you have content going out you’ve got a backdrop keeping you active. Doing your own stuff is just going to help set you apart.

I’m getting a few questions. When you post the videos on Facebook, it does not look like a video. I read that but I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If you’re posting a video it will be hosted on a landing page. If you want it to be a video in Facebook, you need to upload it into Facebook. That’s only going to be for your own personal email videos. Sorry, if I didn’t make any sense. I’m just putting in a Facebook ad or can you for your own videos, if you put those up on Facebook, you can boost those and advertise those out. That’s a great way if you have an intro video to put some money behind it and hopefully reach some new audience and some new clients with that.

Thoughts on using a teleprompter? Bill, that’s a great question. I actually use teleprompters sometimes when I’m doing my presentations. I actually just use a browser. Oh, I don’t know what it’s called. I think it’s called EasyPrompter. Then if I’m doing a video on my webcam, I’ll have the teleprompter on my screen, just rolling through so I’ll read it that way. It’s a great method. I recommend it if you feel comfortable doing it. Just make sure it’s not obvious that you’re reading the teleprompter while [chuckles] you’re doing your video. Reminder, we will be sending out a link to the replay. You’ll have access to that to watch this, send it out to your colleagues. Watch it again and again.

On sending a link via email there is a link open the video just open the web page with the video. Sending like just like or the video. It depends on what link you want to do. It’s going to open it in a new browser. It’s not going to be like a pop-up. It’ll say it’s a YouTube link that you put in your email, people click that it’s going to pull up a new tab or a new window and then go to the video in there. Same thing if it’s a web page. That’s just best practice for email marketing is to link out like that.

Well, I think we got everybody’s questions answered. You can always respond to us later if anything else comes up. I will let you all get back on with your busy days. Thank you so much for joining us. Again, we’re Agency Revolution. We’d be happy to help you out with your video if you have further questions. Thanks. Have a great day.

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