Video That Grabs Attention and Drives Action

Charles Alexander, insurance video expert, on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Charles Alexander, Insurance Video Expert

Video accounts for 78% of internet content. People expect it, and you need to use it. Charles Alexander—a leader in providing ‘animated explainer videos’ for the insurance industry—shares his inside secrets for online video for the retail agent:

  • Why video holds so much power to influence the viewer.
  • Six common and easily avoidable mistakes when shooting video for your agency.
  • Five ways to get maximum value from one video – each easy and effective.

Charles brings clarity to one of the most effective forms of marketing communication on the planet. Listen today and get ideas you’ll put into practice tomorrow. 

Presented by Agency Revolution, the Connected Insurance Podcast provides weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth. Our hosts facilitate thoughtful panels and 1:1 conversations with a variety of prominent thought leaders, with a focus on how to streamline and drive operational efficiency for your independent agency through the intelligent use of technology.

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