Darci Darnell, Partner, Global Head of Customer Practice, Bain & Company

Darci Darnell, Partner, Global Head of Customer Practice, Bain & Company

You know insurance is changing. So do consumers—and it shouldn’t surprise you that they want it to change. They don’t want it to be slow, frustrating, or confusing. 

Few people know the insurance consumer better than our gest, Darci Darnell, Partner and Global Head of Customer Practice at Bain & Company. Bain’s insight on the relationship between the industry and the modern consumer is legendary. 

In this conversation, Darci reveals insights on critical issues the savvy agent must address today:

  • How climate change, disease, and tech disruptions are producing new types of risk
  • The direct line relationship between customer loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • How insurers are going beyond reimbursing damages by incentivizing preventative behaviors to reduce risk

This episode will be one of the most important conversations about changes to the agent’s role in insurance consumer behavior you’ll hear this year. Serious agents must make this conversation a priority. 

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