Eric Ayala, Senior Vice President, Novidea on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Eric Ayala, Senior Vice President, U.S. Market General Manager, Novidea

Our guest today is a long-time venture capitalist, tech pioneer, and sales leader who sees the insurance industry as the ideal marketplace for entrepreneurs. Eric Ayala, SVP and GM for Novidea says “It’s big and it’s ripe for disruption.”

When the industry is constantly changing, understanding the forces driving new change can make all the difference. Listen to this episode for Eric’s insights on: 

  • Why the line between “tech companies” and any other is disappearing
  • The difference between truly innovating and merely going digital
  • What agents need to focus on today to thrive in the very near future

Novidea is an ambitious young company with an interesting story to tell about the insurance industry and a whole lot of VC funding. Invest 30 minutes into your agency’s future and listen to this episode today. 

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