Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli – Co-founders of G&N Insurance

Zach Gould and Matt Naimoli, Co-founders of G&N Insurance on the Connected Insurance Podcast by Agency Revolution

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Bonus Edition!
From Scratch Agency to 10,000+ Clients

A few weeks ago, we announced a 3-Part ‘Masterclass in Modern Insurance Marketing.’ Now it’s a 4-Part Series! After I recorded this interview, I just had to add it to this series. As I’ve mentioned, I felt strongly that it was time to swoop down from our 30,000′ view of ‘big trends and forces’ and focus on what’s working today. Practical, tactical tips you can put to work this week.

This interview is a delightful mix of high energy, good humor, and real-world, street-smart insurance marketing. Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli are the co-founders and principals of G&N Insurance in Massachusetts. In this conversation they reveal:

  • The Customer Acquisition System they used to go from a clean-slate, zero-revenue, scratch agency to over 10,000 clients… in eight years. (Hint: start with strategy… then – and only then – move to tactics!)
  • Did someone say TACTICS? Zack and Matt roll out the step-by-steps of what they do, when they do it, and what makes it different than other agencies. (Remember the word ‘system’ as you listen to this part.)
  • Solutions to the Social Media Mystery. What they do. What they don’t. (Be prepared to take notes!)

Personal or commercial lines… this interview may cause you to re-think what you do every day, the way you run your agency, and just how high your goals could be!

Please don’t miss this conversation with two of the insurance industry’s game changers. This is a conversation that will stay on your mind for weeks!

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