Dave Ellis – Founder of Ellis Marketing on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

November 7, 2018

Dave Ellis – Founder of Ellis Marketing

Facebook magic! How to get a steady stream of hot leads with Facebook… Now that the rules have changed for everyone! Dave Ellis is one of the Top Facebook Advertising Experts in the nation. You’ll soon see why, as he unravels the mysteries of how huge internet marketers make millions – starting with one simple […]

Greg Williams – CEO and President of Acrisure, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

October 31, 2018

Greg Williams – CEO & President of Acrisure

The change is VAST but SLOW enough that a lot of agents won’t notice. As President & CEO of Acrisure, Greg Williams operates the 9th largest agency in the US – and at an eye-popping 80% growth rate, I’m sure he’ll quickly exceed the $1.5 billion in revenue Acrisure can boast today. But, being large […]

Lucas Jans – Director of Product at FMG Suite

October 24, 2018

Lucas Jans – Director of Product Engineering at FMG Suite

Leading insurance technology genius reveals secrets on how agents can get more done and totally transform agencies Have you been concerned that your agency isn’t keeping up with today’s pace of change? If the answer is ‘YES!,’ you’ll love the ‘Speed Secrets’ of our podcast guest, Lucas Jans. In almost 20 years of designing and […]

Zach Gould and Matt Naimoli, Co-founders of G&N Insurance on the Connected Insurance Podcast by Agency Revolution

October 17, 2018

Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli – Co-founders of G&N Insurance

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Bonus Edition! From Scratch Agency to 10,000+ Clients A few weeks ago, we announced a 3-Part ‘Masterclass in Modern Insurance Marketing.’ Now it’s a 4-Part Series! After I recorded this interview, I just had to add it to this series. As I’ve mentioned, I felt strongly that it was time to […]

Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship Insurance & Financial Planning, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, Presented by Agency Revolution

October 10, 2018

Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship (moneywellrooted.com)

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 3 of 3 Why should the marketplace do business with you above any and all other options? If you can’t answer that question, all the marketing tricks in the world are just that – TRICKS. This agency principal, Grant Botma, understands that lesson. In this episode of The Connected […]

Robert Knop – CEO of Assist You Today

September 26, 2018

Robert Knop – CEO of Assist You Today

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 1 of 3 Who can keep up with marketing today? Social media changes. The ‘rules of engagement’ change. The very things that consumers want and expect you to do change. Our host, Michael Jans, dives into the delicious details of SOCIAL SELLING with one of the country’s leading social […]

Jerry Jones – CEO of Jerry Jones Direct, on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

September 19, 2018

Jerry Jones – CEO of Jerry Jones Direct

Leading Small Business Marketing Guru Reveals ‘This Is What’s Working’ in the Modern Age Marketers share a common observation: ‘The next Big Breakthrough for the industry will come from… OUTSIDE the industry.’ Why? That’s one reason that marketers and innovators from different industries often ‘master-mind’ with each other, read books from outside the usual off […]

Peter van Aartrijk – Co-founder & Principal at Chromium and CEO of Aartrijk on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

September 12, 2018

Peter van Aartrijk – Co-founder & Principal at Chromium and CEO...

How re-branding can boost your agency in the marketplace… and just how to do it right! Fresh on the release of his new book on branding, insurance marketing expert, Peter van Aartrijk, lays out a clear message for these times. After you listen to this conversation, you’ll probably be thinking, ‘It’s time. Time to take […]

Marc Peteresen – President of American Advantage Insurance, Petersen Group, on Agency Revolution's Connected Insurance Podcast

September 5, 2018

Marc Petersen – President of American Advantage: Petersen Group

The New Content Marketing for Insurance Agents – Why and How! Here is what’s different about insurance marketing today: do it right and you’ll never make a cold call and never, ever sell on price again. Need proof? Listen to Michael’s conversation with Marc Petersen, CIC, President, American Advantage Insurance: Petersen Group. In this episode […]

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