Steve Beard – Vice President of Sales Operations at The Zebra

June 13, 2018

Steve Beard – Vice President of Customer Experience at The Zebra

Insurance agents need to start acting like it’s 2020… now! If you Google ‘auto insurance quotes’, you just might find something like this: ‘Compare car insurance from 204 auto insurance providers in under 60 seconds & save up to 50%. Find the cheapest car insurance rates in your area today!’ That’s the promise of The […]

Hugh Terry – Founder of the Digital Insurer

May 30, 2018

Hugh Terry – Founder of The Digital Insurer

Founder of The Digital Insurer Sheds Light on the Future of Insurance, All Things Digital – and the Modern Agent Hugh Terry is the founder of The Digital Insurer. 20,000 subscribers around the world. 5,000 attendees at the annual conference. More than 200 booths. If you were wondering if digital really is changing insurance – […]

Matt Harris – Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures

May 23, 2018

Matt Harris – Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures

Here’s the man funding the future of the insurance industry Why would you want to listen to a conversation with a venture capitalist? In this case, because this man is helping to shape the future of the industry you work in. Matt Harris is the Managing Director of Bain Capital Ventures – perhaps the leading […]

Doug Mohr – Vice President of Solution Consulting at Vertafore

May 16, 2018

Doug Mohr – Vice President of Solution Consulting at Vertafore

Five kinds of agencies. Which one is yours? Vertafore has more than 25,000 customers in the insurance industry. 40% of all personal lines policies in the United States are stored on their servers – and more than half of all insurance businesses in the US. Vertafore is widely recognized as a world class company, by […]

Bob RusBuldt – Predient & CEO of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

May 9, 2018

Bob Rusbuldt – President & CEO of the Independent Insurance...

Special podcast guest: Bob Rusbuldt, President & CEO of the Big ‘I’ National Who could possibly have a better ‘bird’s eye’ view on the insurance industry than Bob Rusbuldt, President & CEO of the IIABA – the world’s largest agent & broker trade association? Bob shares powerful insight about: The future of insurance – what […]

Tom Doran – Partner at Reagan Consulting

May 2, 2018

Tom Doran – Partner at Reagan Consulting

Industry leading valuation specialist: ‘Here’s what to do if you want to remain independent…’ Leading agencies rush to get the Best Practices Study from Reagan Consulting and the Big I every year. They want key metrics on agency performance – and they want to see how they can do better. Reagan principal and SVP, Tom […]

Frank Sentner - Coordinator for the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge

April 25, 2018

Frank Sentner – Coordinator of the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge

The revolution happening in insurance today Co-founder of CISCo and former SVP of Technology at Vertafore, and creator of the Sagitta – the first ACORD-based agency management system, Frank Sentner was on the cutting edge of insurance technology innovation 40 years ago, and he still is today. Frank is a leading voice, authority, and hands-on facilitator of the […]

Phil Edmundson – Founder of Corvus Insurance Holdings

April 18, 2018

Phil Edmundson – Founder of Corvus Insurance Holdings

Insurtech that is friendly to the agency. And, it’s one you should know about. Phil Edmundson is a master of the commercial insurance field. He co-founded the brokerage firm William Gallagher Associates before selling it to Arthur J Gallagher, and has been an active leader in The Worldwide Broker Network, as well as The Council […]

Neal Stanley – President of Palmetto Management Advisors

April 11, 2018

Neal Stanley – President of Palmetto Management Advisors

Insurance clusters and networks: what every agent needs to know With 45 years of experience, including as a former insurance company CEO (3 times over) and a former ‘network’ principal, Neal is a true veteran of the insurance industry. In recent years, Neal has brought together a ‘network of networks’ – and is widely recognized […]

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