Richard Kerr – CEO of MarketScout

December 6, 2017

Richard Kerr – CEO of MarketScout

Is this the future of retail insurance? Once a month, agents and carrier execs from throughout the US hungrily devour Richard Kerr’s MarketScout Barometer. It’s easily the most comprehensive analysis of market conditions the industry offers today. Yet, it’s only a side project for Richard, the founder and CEO of MarketScout, an electronic insurance exchange […]

Charles Specht – President of Permission Group Inc

November 29, 2017

Charles Specht – President of Permission Group Inc.

Million dollar book of commercial business… per producer? Here’s how… How would you know if someone could help a producer build a million dollar commission book? First question: did they do it themselves? In this case, the answer is a resounding YES. Charles Specht, CEO of The Permission Group delivers detailed instructions (and provocative insights) […]

Brandie Hinen – Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Learning

November 22, 2017

Brandie Hinen – Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Learning

Insurance industry coach reveals how to get people to get more done (and love doing it) If you want more productivity, less ‘noise’ – and a team that’s aligned around ‘getting important stuff done’ – you’ll want to tune into this podcast with Brandie Hinen, Founder and CEO of Powerhouse Learning. A few of the […]

Michael Jans - Founder of Agency Revolution

November 15, 2017

Michael Jans – Co-founder of Agency Revolution

Insurance Marketing Today: What’s working (and what’s not) Michael Jans turned the tables. This time, he let YOU – the audience – choose the questions. He gives his most poignant answers. (With a few surprises.) Do NOT miss this podcast if you want to hear what Michael’s answers are to any of these questions: What […]

Seth Greene - Lead Generation and Marketing Expert

November 8, 2017

Seth Greene – Lead Generation & Marketing Expert

Renowned marketing expert shares 5 questions you must answer to effectively market to your audience World class marketer Seth Greene is the only person to be nominated 3 times for the GKIC Dan Kennedy Marketer of the Year award. He’s also the author of 7 best selling marketing books, and co-host of the SharkPreneur Podcast, […]

Brett Pierce – Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager at Travelers

November 1, 2017

Brett Pierce – Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager at...

Major carrier’s digital marketing expert delivers a masterclass in best practices for independent agents & brokers Get ready to pay close attention as Brett Pierce delivers advice every insurance agent & broker would be wise to implement. This discussion is packed with tips, suggestions and best practices that can be applied to any agency quickly, […]

October 25, 2017

Dave Christensen – Chief Product & Technology Officer at FMG...

What if prospects thanked you for your marketing? The old ways of marketing are dying out, because consumer expectations have changed drastically in today’s world where something interesting exists around every corner. That’s why Dave Christensen (and Agency Revolution) believe so strongly in marketing that constantly delivers valuable content to the audience you want. Together […]

Larry Morrison - President of the Business Transition Network

October 18, 2017

Larry Morrison – President of the Business Transition Network

Leading Merger & Acquisition expert in the insurance industry provides detailed insight for agencies thinking about perpetuation Larry Morrison is the insurance industry’s leading expert on Mergers & Acquisitions, Succession Planning, and Business Valuation. He carries with him 40 years of experience (25 years focusing on insurance), and more degrees and accreditation than we could […]

Bill Wilson - Founder of

October 11, 2017

Bill Wilson – Founder of

Insurance education advocate shares how agents can do more for themselves, and their customers Bill Wilson is a walking knowledge-base of everything insurance. Formerly the Associate Vice President of Education & Research at The Big I National, as well as the Founder & Director of the Big I’s Virtual University, Bill is now the Founder […]

John Nemo - Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, LinkedIn Guru

October 4, 2017

John Nemo – Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author, LinkedIn Guru

LinkedIn expert delivers great advice on creating a profile that will generate leads John Nemo is not an insurance guy – he’s a lead generation expert. And what he has to tell you about using LinkedIn will transform the way you write your profile, and it will change the way you reach out to potential […]

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