Dale Steinke

January 5, 2017

Dale Steinke – Director of Independent Agency Digital Marketing for...

You don’t want to miss this interview! Dale Steinke and Michael Jans dive deep into the practical details and strategies for great digital marketing for the modern insurance agency or brokerage. Dale Steinke is the Director of Independent Agency Digital Marketing for Safeco Insurance, and leads Safeco’s ‘Bricks n’ Clicks’ team. With 18 years of […]

Michael Jans - Founder of Agency Revolution

December 22, 2016

7 Critical Digital Marketing Trends

The consumer is digital. They’re not becoming digital. They are digital. They read digital. They research digital. They watch digital. They listen digital. They shop digital. They communicate digital. They carry digital in their pocket. They expect you to be with them – digital. That’s why Michael Jans is using this episode of the Connected […]

Dave Dias

December 14, 2016

Dave Dias – Founder & Chairman of Insurance Thought Leadership

Michael Jans interviews Dave Dias of Insurance Thought Leadership. Together they discuss what agents & brokers are doing to innovate, how emerging technology is changing the shape of the industry, what agents & brokers need to do in order to provide value for customers and much more. What are other agents & brokers doing to […]

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