Tom Doran – Partner at Reagan Consulting

Tom Doran – Partner at Reagan Consulting

Industry leading valuation specialist: ‘Here’s what to do if you want to remain independent…’ Leading agencies rush to get the Best Practices Study from Reagan Consulting and the Big I every year. They want key metrics on agency performance – and they want to see how they can do better. Reagan principal and SVP, Tom […]

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Frank Sentner - Coordinator for the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge

Frank Sentner – Coordinator of the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge

The revolution happening in insurance today Co-founder of CISCo and former SVP of Technology at Vertafore, and creator of the Sagitta – the first ACORD-based agency management system, Frank Sentner was on the cutting edge of insurance technology innovation 40 years ago, and he still is today. Frank is a leading voice, authority, and hands-on facilitator of the […]

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Phil Edmundson – Founder of Corvus Insurance Holdings

Phil Edmundson – Founder of Corvus Insurance Holdings

Insurtech that is friendly to the agency. And, it’s one you should know about. Phil Edmundson is a master of the commercial insurance field. He co-founded the brokerage firm William Gallagher Associates before selling it to Arthur J Gallagher, and has been an active leader in The Worldwide Broker Network, as well as The Council […]

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Neal Stanley – President of Palmetto Management Advisors

Neal Stanley – President of Palmetto Management Advisors

Insurance clusters and networks: what every agent needs to know With 45 years of experience, including as a former insurance company CEO (3 times over) and a former ‘network’ principal, Neal is a true veteran of the insurance industry. In recent years, Neal has brought together a ‘network of networks’ – and is widely recognized […]

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David Schwendiman – Client Enrollment & Retention Specialist

David Schwendiman – Client Enrollment & Retention Specialist

Three super-practical tips for agents who want to grow Our young podcast guest is a super-star of the modern era. Dave started his insurance career as a young agent with his own captive agency. He followed the sales training advice provided by the so-called ‘sales pros’ in leadership in his company – and had a […]

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Brent Sheppard – President & Founder of Xanatek

Brent Sheppard – President & Founder of Xanatek

Industry tech leader reveals insights on the state of insurance today Where is the insurance industry really headed? Most agents are so busy running their own agency, it’s tough to get your head up long enough to know which way the wind is blowing. But, if thousands of agents use your software every single day, […]

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Claudia McClain – Founder & President of McClain Insurance

Claudia McClain – President & Founder of McClain Insurance

The easiest money in insurance…right under your nose! This may be the single most profitable podcast you’ll ever listen to. Why? The ‘most awarded woman in insurance’ – Claudia McClain, shares her step-by-step secrets on how she gets an average 95%+ retention, year after year after year. And, you’ll discover why the ‘easy fix’ on […]

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Marc DeLeonibus – Co-founder of Bold Penguin

Marc DeLeonibus – Co-founder of Bold Penguin

Insurtech for independents. Bold Penguin offers innovation for commercial lines agents. Insurtech. Out to kill the agent, right? Not always. More and more insurtech companies are on the side of the ‘good guys’ – fighting to help agents and brokers. Make their life easier. Get the competitive edge. And, to fend off the disruptors. Agents […]

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Greg Wilkes – Partner at Insurance Solutions Group

Agency owner grows business 20X. Here’s how! Greg Wilkes started a scratch agency…then grew it…then grew it again…and again. His agency is 20 times the size it was just 13 years ago, with five locations – and accounts from Alabama to South America. In this podcast, Greg doesn’t hold back. This one conversation could change […]

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