Trovato Associates is one of the many agencies who has found increased success through marketing automation.

When they integrated Agency Revolution’s Fuse™ with their HawkSoft AMS they unlocked the power of data for personalized, targeted marketing communications.

In this case study you will learn how Fuse™ enabled Trovato Associates to:

  • Generate a consistent stream of referrals from engaged clients
  • Save $100,000 in annual staffing costs
  • Streamline claims, payments, cancellations, onboarding new clients, and prospect nurturing processes
  • Stay in constant contact with his clients by automating communications during important stages of their lifecycle

If you are interested in experiencing the kind of success that Trovato and Associates achieved with Fuse™, sign up for a demo today!

“Agency Revolution changes your whole mindset about how to run your agency. With automation, I can make things way more efficient on so many levels.”

Jamie Trovato
Founder of Trovato Associates

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