Call 1

Let’s get you set up!

Activate your Fuse account

Configuring company information

Company name, Address, Phone number

Website, Social media links, Google Review Link

Integrate with your management system

Schedule the remaining 5 onboarding calls

Call 2

Now let’s set up your business

Map policies and employees (if needed)

Enter Profile information for employees (phone, title, calendar links)

Configure additional Locations (if needed)

Configure standard Email Theme

START (Optional but Recommended) DNS Configuration

Call 3

Review your customers

Review accounts tab and segment builder

Set up Customer Appreciation one-time broadcast message

Call 4

Send your first communication, and get to know campaigns

Send Customer Appreciation broadcast (if not done on last call)

Review Quickstart and Custom campaigns

Set up first campaign

Call 5

Build your campaign strategy

Launch first campaign

Review other campaign or sequence types


Account Review & X-sell


Birthday & Holiday

Review Forms

Prepare/Launch 3 additional foundational campaigns

Call 6

Review metrics and feedback

Review outbox

Review activity & email metrics

Explore dashboard & business insights

Review alerts & chat

Schedule exit call with Support

Campaign Choices:

Broadcast: (Call 4)

Customer Appreciation

High Engagement Campaigns: (Calls 5-6)

Choose 2 of the following:

  • Insurance Intel
  • Holiday
  • Birthday
  • NPS

And At least 2 of the following campaigns:

Personal Lines Campaigns
  • Account Review
  • Welcome Kit
  • Cross-sell: Home No Auto
  • Cross-sell: Auto No Home
  • Cross-sell: Life
Commercial Lines Campaigns
  • Account Review
  • Welcome Kit
  • Cross-sell: Cyber Liability
  • Cross-sell: Work Comp

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