Optimize Your Fuse Platform

Verify your Domain.

Complete this important first step to help your emails look personal, professional, and organic.

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Setup your Location(s).

Allow Fuse to easily personalize your communications based on the location associated with each account.

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Set up your default Email Theme & Colors.

Strengthen your brand and look professional by putting a default email theme in place.

Link your Social Media.

Linking your accounts will allow you to easily share your social media platforms.

Set up your default Email Sender & Signature.

Designating a default sender and signer ensures your emails always come from an address your clients trust.

Set up your NPS configurations.

Designating the correct Google Review link allows your clients to be automatically directed to the location they are used to working with.

Optimize Your Lifestyle Campaigns

Install the “Welcome Kit” campaign.

First impressions matter, and nothing communicates excellence more than a well-crafted, customizable welcome kit.

Install the “Account Review” campaign.

Customize this campaign to make account review communications easier than ever.

Install the “Lost customer win-back” campaign.

Make sure to customize this campaign to help recapture your lost customers as you continue to grow your business.

Install the "Claim follow-up" campaign.

Never forget to follow up on a claim again thanks to this customizable and useful campaign.

Install the “Post-renewal thank you” campaign.

Customize this campaign and send your newly renewed clients a heartfelt thank you once this campaign is installed.

Optimize Your Relationship-Building Campaigns

Install the “Birthday” campaign.

Select the perfect pre-written greeting when you install this campaign to help your clients feel special on their birthday.

Browse the Fuse Newsletters.

Make sure you check out and install these campaigns to keep your clients informed, engaged, and educated.

Explore the “Disaster Preparedness” campaign.

Looking for the perfect message to help your clients prepare for mother nature’s tantrums? Install these campaigns now.

Install the "Customer Appreciation" campaign.

Install and customize this campaign to show your clients you care about their business.

Browse the Holiday campaign.

Install and customize this campaign to make sure you’re always sending the gladdest of tidings on your chosen holiday.

Optimize Your Revenue Generation

Install the "Prospect Follow-up" campaign.

Are you pursuing a referral or prospect? Install and customize this campaign to convert even the toughest of leads.

Install the "Account Rounding" campaigns.

Install these campaigns to help your clients address gaps in their auto, homeowners, cyber liability, or property and casualty insurance.

Install the "All Services" email.

Install and customize this email to share all the services you provide with prospects, referrals, and current clients.

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