I love F3/AR! I’m worried this will change everything.

We totally understand how you feel! Both brands and teams bring so much to the table. Agency Revolution made this purchase specifically because we see the good work that Forge3 has been doing and we want to be in business with that team, doing that same good work. All the while Agency Revolution has a legacy and a set of industry solutions that pair so well with F3. Ultimately our goal is to keep the best of both teams and cultures as well as the customers that make both teams great.

This changes everything! I can’t buy/continue my agreement/partner, etc.

The good news is that nothing will change for existing AR/F3 clients/prospects/partners in the short term. Over time, we’ll try to bubble up the best features of both companies, but we do plan to honor all our existing agreements, and as things evolve over time, you’ll be able to decide if you love it or not. You’ll always have choices, and we’ll commit to transparency, providing the best of both orgs for you. But, just to drive it home, for now, nothing changes.

What’s the relationship between AR and FMG? What is FMG?

AR’s parent company is FMG, which provides similar web and marketing solutions but also works with financial advisors, whereas AR is aimed exclusively at supporting insurance agencies. AR is an independent business unit with its own leadership team and complete focus on the Insurance industry.

I used to do business with AR/F3, and I didn’t like them.

We’re sorry you had a bad experience. We believe both brands have strengths and weakness. This acquisition is a merger in spirit, and our hope is to bring out the best in both teams. Feedback like this can help us break down the bad and build up the good. Please reach out to a staff member you feel comfortable with to discuss your concerns and our leadership team will do it’s best to ensure you get more of what you love and less of what you don’t!!

OMG, that’s amazing! I’ve been wanting to add social/automation/content, etc. to what I buy from you. Can we get a quote on those new features next week?

That’s awesome! We’re super excited to be working with you on this. AND we’ve been hearing from a lot of our clients that they love working with us and would love to pick up additional offerings. We’re working now to figure out operationally how our Sales and Delivery teams can collaborate and bring you new functionality ASAP. For now, please reference the following webinar to learn more about product functionality and roadmap. By September and October, we expect to have a much more cohesive way to offer additional functionality, and we’ll add you to our list of folks who want to find out first.

Does this mean any of my terms changed?

No, your current service is valid and will be honored. (Your F3 relationship is now with Agency Revolution, but will be honored, in fact, by the same individuals that were a part of the F3 team) There may be some additional functionality added at no additional cost, and there may be some functionality offered as an upgrade but we don’t have a clear roadmap yet and will communicate as we develop the transition.

Will Forge3 continue its brand as a part of Agency Revolution? Will there be a new brand?

The Forge3 brand will become our brand for the web part of our offering. Forge will be the new name for the web platform and Fuse for the automation piece. All of these solutions will be under the company brand of Agency Revolution.