Wondering how to get the most out of your FuseTM subscription? Quick Start Campaigns are the answer.

Insurance professionals know the importance of remaining in contact with their clients, but many FuseTM users only have a campaign or two running at any given moment. Hey, we understand! Creating a marketing campaign can eat up valuable time. But now, with nothing more than a flip of a switch, your Quick Start Campaigns will send professionally written and designed content – to the right people, at the right time. Read on to learn more.


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What are Quick Start Campaigns?

Quick Start Campaigns are professionally written, insurance-specific communications that are automatically sent to your clients based on certain events. Imagine this, a brand-new client has just been imported into your AMS. Because you have Fuse’sTM Welcome Kit campaign running, your newest client is already starting to receive onboarding materials over a defined length of time. Ready for even more good news? Fuse’sTM Quick Start Campaigns include content created specifically for personal and commercial lines. In other words, no matter how you’ve built your business, Quick Start Campaigns are right for.

How do I find my Quick Start Campaigns?

It couldn’t be easier. Quick Start campaigns are already available within your FuseTM Dashboard. Simply click the “Campaigns” tab at the top, and select Quick Start Campaigns. From there you can see the content of your chosen campaign, view the timing between messages, and then turn it on with a flip of a switch.


How do I get started with Quick Start Campaigns?

Fantastic! Log in to your FuseTM account today, and see for yourself how much time and energy you could be saving.

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