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Articles, videos, and other resources.

Designed for insurance agency principals, producers, and support staff.

What to Expect After You Sign up for ActiveAgency

Here’s how the ActiveAgency project works. Our goal is to create an amazing, beautifully designed website that reflects your insurance agency!

How to Request Website Updates and Additions

Your ActiveAgency website gives you access to many features through our easy-to-use Dashboard and you’re backed by our award-winning team.

How to Use the Video Library

Leverage the power of videos with the ActiveAgency Video Library.

Social Media for Insurance Agencies

Use our professionally-designed social posts to supplement your own content.

Website Speed Reports for Insurance Agency Websites

Balancing speed, user experience, and reporting.

Blogging for Insurance Agencies

A crash course in writing an insurance agency blog.

ADA Compliance for Insurance Agency Websites

We dive into this hot topic and share the latest on ADA compliance.

How to Use Clickable Coverage

Interactive graphics explain insurance in a fun and engaging way.

SEO for Insurance Agency Websites

How to optimize website structure, content, and credibility indicators.

How Insurance Producers Use LinkedIn to Sell

Build relationships and sell more insurance with profile, search, and sharing on LinkedIn.

The Forge3 Baby Steps

The proven digital marketing roadmap for insurance agencies.

Absolutely Impressive Apps for Insurance Agencies

Here are a few of our favorite apps for insurance agencies.

How to Write an About Page

Capturing your agency’s personality on your About page.

8 Must-Have Features for Insurance Agency Websites

What’s expected in today’s world to look amazing, get found, sell more, and service better!

How to Write Team Member Bios for Insurance Agency Websites

Why team pages and team member bios are important.

How to Use Power Panels

Reinforce credibility and highlight important agency news with pop-up boxes.

How to Use Hello Producer

Highlight your personal touch with special links to customize your website.

How to Use Live Chat

Offer website visitors the convenience of live chat.

How to Use Your Client Service Center

Make it easy for your clients to do business with your agency.

How to Use Notification Bars

Highlight important news and events with a few clicks.

How to Get 5-Star Reviews

Encourage clients to give you great reviews online.

How to Use Video Proposals

Close more deals by recording your screen and webcam and sending it to prospects and clients.

ActiveAgency Website Refresh

Overhauling your ActiveAgency website has never been easier.

How to Set up Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track website traffic and other metrics.

How Insurance Agencies Use Texting

We asked insurance agencies to get their thoughts, insights, and feedback.

Remote Work Hiring, Culture, and Tools (with Jeff and Monika)

How insurance agencies can work remotely, just like we do at Forge3.

Setting up Google My Business for Your Insurance Agency

Google My Business makes your insurance agency more visible and SEO friendly!

Impress Prospects and Clients With “Handwritten” Cards

Show that you care with beautiful cards written with real ink.

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Customer lifecycle communication tips

Take a ride with your clients on their communication journey.