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Most agencies don’t worry about this until many years after launching their first ActiveAgency website, but you are able to request a refresh of your website at any time. Remember, routine updates and changes are always included in your ActiveAgency subscription. However, after a few years, you may want to refresh your agency website to feature the latest design, content, and features.

If you have any questions about your site, we’re always happy to answer them. We can help you decide if it’s the right time for a refresh or if other changes would be a better fit. We’re always just an email, chat, or phone call away!

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Here’s what we’ll cover throughout this resource on ActiveAgency Website Refresh.

Here’s how it works. Easy peasy.
Simple pricing. Just like it should be.
A few details and what to expect.
New ActiveAgency version release? No problem!

Here’s how it works. Easy peasy.

Get the latest version of ActiveAgency, optimized for lead conversions, engagement, and amazing design. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4.


Request Refresh
Contact us and a Client Experience Manager will connect with you to review the process, discuss costs, and set expectations.


Decision and Payment
Once you confirm you’d like to move forward with a Refresh, we’ll arrange for payment.


Complete Questionnaire
Just like for your first ActiveAgency website, you complete the questionnaire. Once you’re done, we’ll take it from there!


Project Start
We’ll transition your Refresh to your Project Manager, who will connect with you to review all the details, including timing and what you can expect.

NOTE: Given the demand, we can only accept a limited number of Refresh projects at a time. Your Project Manager will let you know what to expect.

Simple pricing. Just like it should be.

Given the significant custom work we put into each website project, there may be a small cost for the project based on how long it’s been since your last ActiveAgency website launch. This helps cover costs related to your project. Here’s how it works.

Time Since Launch Refresh Pricing (one-time cost)
Less than 1 year $3,000
1 year – less than 2 years $2,500
2 years – less than 3 years $2,000
3 years – less than 4 years $1,500
4 years – less than 5 years $1,000
5+ years FREE!

The pricing above assumes that we use the design, layout, and page content as it exists on our latest demo website.

A few details and what to expect.

Our goal is to make your Refresh project nice and simple. After the preliminary conversations and the completion of the questionnaire, we’ll have just about everything we need to get your project moving. There are just a few details we’d like to go over to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Design and layout.

Your refreshed website will be built using the design and layout of our current demo site. Feel free to visit the demo and browse through the various sections.

Website lockdown.

Once you submit your questionnaire, we will lock down your website, which sounds a lot scarier than it really is! It just means the kinds of changes you can make on your own will be limited. You’ll still have access to record Video Proposals, collect form submissions, view Google Analytics, and add or update blogs. If you need any other updates or changes, just let your Project Manager know and they’ll be happy to coordinate them. This ensures that any changes to your existing website are also captured on the new, refreshed website.

Nonstandard pages and content.

If you have aspects from your existing website that you’d like us to migrate to your refreshed website, such as pages or other content that you added to your website yourself, let us know. If you’re able to capture that content in our standard document template, we can likely migrate it at no additional cost to you. However, if the design, layout or content is more complex, we may need to scope a separate project. But don’t worry, your Project Manager will go over all of this with you before we get started!

Here are a few examples when scoping a separate project will likely be required:

  • If the page has anything other than text, links, headings, or bullets.
  • If the page has a unique design or layout, such as tabs, expandable sections, and more.
  • If the page has photos, videos, or other graphics, other than what’s included in the latest demo.

Remember, this is all on a case by case basis, so don’t worry if your current site has some of these elements. As with any successful project, this is a team effort and we will work with you to identify any unique pieces of your existing website so we can plan ahead and create an amazing new website with all of the latest features and benefits.

User permissions.

In order to maintain the integrity of the platform, user permissions on the refreshed site will default to ActiveAgency Standard. If you’ve had other permissions in the past prior to the Refresh, these will be defaulted to Standard on the refreshed site. We find that in most cases, this provides ample access for website maintenance. Also, updates and changes to your site will still be included in your ActiveAgency subscription, and we’re happy to help you with anything you’ll need in the future.

New ActiveAgency version release? No problem!

As we mentioned, you’re free to request a Refresh of your ActiveAgency website at any time. From time to time, we may release a new version of our ActiveAgency platform, but that doesn’t automatically mean you need to refresh your site. Your current website is still beautiful, modern, and packed with many amazing sales and service tools. The biggest differences between versions are typically related to design and layout.

Additionally, we may add a new ActiveAgency tool or feature in the future. Whether this is part of a new version release or not, all new features can be added to your existing site without the need for a Refresh. We’ll be sure to keep in touch to let you know of any platform enhancements as they occur, but you can always reach out to us to see what your options are at any time.

Curious what the latest version of ActiveAgency looks like? Our demo website is always available for you to browse! If you’re ready to learn more or get started with a Refresh, use the button below to contact us.

Manage Your Website on Dashboard

If you want to manage your website, use our tools and features, and learn more about ActiveAgency, log in to Dashboard.

If you’d rather speak to us, reach out to our Client Experience team.

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