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How do I add third-party plugins or software to my website?

Your beautiful ActiveAgency website includes everything you need to look amazing, get found, sell more, and service better. However, if you’d like to extend or add functionality to your website, you might want to add certain other plugins or software.

While there are many plugins and other software available, not all of them work with ActiveAgency’s features, security, or other aspects. As such, we’ll need to review your request to ensure it’s compatible with ActiveAgency, both now and in the future. Remember, ActiveAgency is a fully managed website platform. This means that you don’t need to worry about security updates, new feature additions, content updates, or anything else. We handle all of that for you. But, in exchange, we need to ensure that your website and the entire ActiveAgency platform is stable, secure, and free from possible third-party conflicts.

Request a plugin or software review.

If you’d like us to review a third-party plugin or software, simply let us know. Our Technology Team will review the request and determine if it’s possible to install it within your ActiveAgency website. Keep in mind that if the plugin or software needs administrator access in order to use it, it likely will not work within ActiveAgency’s security model.

Troubleshooting or fixing third-party plugins or software.

We always do our best to guide the way and collaborate with you to help accomplish your goals. However, we’re not able to troubleshoot or fix any third-party plugins or software that we install for you. You’ll need to contact the other party directly for that. And, remember that some plugins and software simply might not work within ActiveAgency.

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