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How do I create a dedicated landing page for a marketing campaign on my website?

ActiveAgency comes with 200+ pages of professionally-written, SEO-focused insurance content. Many of these pages can be used as landing pages for basic marketing campaigns and promotion. All of the content can easily be edited and adjusted as much as you’d like.

However, if you want a dedicated landing page for a specific marketing campaign, we have some great templates ready to go. All of them are designed to maximize conversions based on research, science, and what works best. If we’re able to use one of these pre-built templates, and if you provide all of the content to us, we can get this in place at no additional cost as part of your ActiveAgency subscription. On the other hand, if you have a specific vision that falls outside of the templates we have, we might need to scope a small, one-time project to tackle the work.

Either way, to get started with your next marketing campaign, contact us, and we’ll help get the right landing page in place for your agency.

And if you’d like to learn more about the research we followed to create the landing page templates, here’s a quick recap:

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