How Insurance Producers Use LinkedIn to Sell

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Resource - How Insurance Producers Use LinkedIn to Sell
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LinkedIn is a powerful insurance sales tool!

90% of insurance producers we meet aren’t using LinkedIn. There’s your opportunity! LinkedIn for insurance agencies? It’s such a powerful prospecting and sales tool. There’s more to it than accepting connection requests. A lot more.

Join Jeff Teschke, Founder and CEO of Forge3, for this updated, fast-paced screen share and live video training session. He’ll cover the 3 Pillars of LinkedIn, including profile, search, and sharing so you can start using LinkedIn for your insurance agency.

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Pillar 1: Profile

  • In general, use LinkedIn’s wizard to complete your profile.
  • Ensure your photo is current and approachable. Smile!
  • Set an appropriate background photo.
  • Use your name as people know it (Bob vs. Robert, for example).
  • Incorporate keywords throughout, starting with your personal headline.
  • Ensure your contact info is up-to-date. Deep link to specific web pages.
  • Write your summary in the first person (use I rather than Jeff for example). Keep in mind that people scan this section. Use paragraphs and bullets.
  • Ensure previous work experience is relevant and current.
  • Add honors, awards, and other “social proof.” Give and ask for recommendations to establish credibility.

Pillar 2: Search

  • Use Advanced Search to target ideal connection prospects.
  • Target based on keywords, location, and other criteria.
  • Reach out with a personal message. Don’t sell. Don’t use InMail.
  • Save your searches and have LinkedIn email you with weekly updates.

Pillar 3: Sharing

  • Post status updates, share articles, and tag people where appropriate.
  • Write longform articles using LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Be sure to incorporate a featured photo to draw people’s attention.
  • Monitor comments and reply as soon as possible.
  • Get involved by commenting on other people’s posts, participating in LinkedIn Groups, and keeping in touch with important connections.
  • Download LinkedIn’s mobile app to stay connected.

5 ways to make your LinkedIn photo great.

Studies show that it takes only 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone when looking at a photo of their face. So, then what makes a great profile photo on LinkedIn?

This is #1 on the list for a reason. Smiling increases the appearance of competence and influence. And show your teeth. That helps even more.

Look Ahead
As humans, we’re hardwired to connect with other people. Our eyes are the primary way we accomplish this. Face forward and look at the camera. Doing so increases trust and helps make a great first impression.

Dress the Part
Dressing professionally helps increase our trustworthiness. For us guys, that usually means wearing a button down shirt with optional jacket. Ties are also optional, but wear one if that best represents you. For the ladies, simply dressing professionally should do the trick.

Zoom In
Face-only close-ups boost likability. Go figure. Plus, head shots are easier to see regardless of screen size, which is especially important as smartphone usage continues to rise.

Above all else, be comfortable being you.

Hosted by.

  • Jeff Teschke
    Founder and CEO, Forge3
  • Monika Baraket
    Chief Operating Officer, Forge3

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