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Encourage clients to give you great reviews online.

We all love great feedback, right? Plus, it’s good for online credibility and SEO, too! With the ActiveAgency website platform, it’s now easier than ever to collect it. Simply send clients a link to the form on your ActiveAgency website. That’s it!

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The form has smarts built in.

Did you know that your Review Us form has some special powers? It’s true! When someone fills out the form on your site, they’re invited to give you a score from 1 to 10. Those who offer a 9 or 10 are then invited to share a review on Google or another platform of your choosing. If they choose anything lower, they will see a box asking what you could have done better, but they will not be asked to share more elsewhere. Why? Because you only want your biggest fans leaving you reviews online!

5-Star Review - Forge3 5-Star Reviews

Reviews boost your social proof.

When trying to learn more about a company or organization, many people head online to see what others think. What happens when there’s nothing available? Consumers rely on social proof to vet agencies, just like any other business, and if they can’t learn about you, they may assume the worst. Nip that in the bud by gathering reviews to enhance your credibility.

Also, the more 5-star reviews you have, the better you’ll rank on Google search. When others reward your hard work with positive reviews, it helps your SEO because search engines value those opinions. That helps more people to find you, giving you more chances to strut your stuff and gather additional reviews. It’s a fantastic cycle!

  5-Star Reviews can help your SEO!

Understand the Net Promoter Score philosophy.

Our Review Us form is built on the same philosophy as the Net Promoter Score, or NPS, model. NPS is a metric used by marketers and customer experience programs to measure how loyal customers are to a company. Using just one question, customers are asked to provide a rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

Those who respond with a 9 or 10 are considered Promoters, and they will be most likely to recommend you. Passives are those who respond with a 7 or 8. They like the company, but not as enthusiastically as Promoters do. Anyone responding with a 6 or lower is considered a Detractor. They are unhappy, not likely to recommend your service, and might even recommend against you. With our form, only Promoters are directed to leave public reviews since they’re your most loyal supporters.

  Visitors can send requests whenever they want, 24/7.

It really works. Here’s proof.

Jackie from EAB Insurance Group shared a success story after following our suggestions. She said, “It is amazing how much clients want to help you if you simply ask them! We started an inner-office contest where everyone reached out to their top 5 clients and asked for a review. We included the link directly to our Review Us page on Google, and we all updated our email signatures to include a link to the Review Us page. The rules of the contest were if we got 100 Google reviews by the end of the month, we would get an extra PTO day next year. The caveat was each person had to get at least two on their own to qualify. This process has gotten 80+ 5-star Google reviews in just 3 months! We are now the top result that shows up on Google when you search “insurance near me” and you’re anywhere within a 30 mile radius. Once everyone saw how eager clients were to chime in, they asked more and more. Thanks again for the tips!”

5-Star Reviews - EAB Insurance Testimonial

We give this feature 5 stars.

The best way to get reviews is to ask. Take a look at these figures!


Number of ActiveAgency Clients Using the Review Us Form


Total Number of Reviews Collected

Use 5-Star Reviews during the sales process.

Don’t be shy.

Use your rating as a point of pride. If people love your agency, tell the world. Share it on social media and talk about it during your prospect meetings to show that others value your agency.

Share testimonials.

Prospects want to hear that others love working with you. When reviews come in, take the best ones and add them to your website. Let folks know where they can read the wonderful things your existing clients have to say.

Boost SEO.

Having 5-star reviews on Google can help boost your ranking on search. Businesses with good ratings will appear higher in search results because of the credibility these reviews provide.

Show how your service shines.

It’s common knowledge that once the deal is closed, you have to work just as hard, if not harder, to keep the new client happy. Use that hard work to your advantage.

Share the link.

After a job well done, send a link to your clients asking them to tell you how you did. The easiest way to get reviews is to ask for them.

Request reviews.

When a tough claim comes in, it may feel like there’s no way to spin things in a positive light. But once the client is satisfied and you’ve saved the day, it’s the perfect chance to show you can handle whatever comes your way.

Update signatures.

Automate requests for reviews and feedback by adding a link to your review form in all team members’ email signatures. The more often someone has the opportunity to leave you a review, the more likely you are to get one.

  5-Star Reviews boost your credibility with both clients and prospects.

ActiveAgency Dashboard makes it easy.

ActiveAgency Dashboard makes it incredibly easy to get and understand your reviews. When you log in to ActiveAgency Dashboard on your website and select 5-Star Reviews from the Features menu, stats are instantly available to tell you how many reviews you have, the average score, how many have comments, and more. You can also read your reviews with a simple click. While these are not reviews on Google or other social media platforms, they do offer a glimpse at what people think.

You can easily search for reviews by the reviewers name if you’re looking for one in particular. You’re also able to view your entries from the Service Center in Dashboard. From that view, you can also sort by read or unread status.

ActiveAgency Dashboard Makes It Easy - 5-Star Reviews

Frequently asked questions.

There are always questions about getting 5-Star Reviews. Here are some answers to the most common ones.

Do reviews automatically get posted online?

No. When someone completes your review form, their response is only saved within ActiveAgency. If they rate you a nine or ten, they’ll be given a link to post a review to the platform of your choosing, such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

What review sites are available?

You can choose any platform to collect reviews on. Three of the most popular sites are Google, Facebook, and Yelp. 5-star reviews on Google, especially, really help to boost credibility and SEO.

What if I get a bad review?

If someone gives you a rating of 8 or lower, they will not be provided a link to share on a social platform. Instead, they’ll get a follow up question to provide additional information. If you receive a bad review on a social platform, you’ll need to follow that platform’s procedures and best practices.

What should I do when someone submits the review form?

You’ll get notified via email when someone submits a review form, and you’ll also be able to view it on ActiveAgency Dashboard. If they rate you a nine or ten, check to see if they added a review on the social platform you link to. Either way, be sure thank them! If you receive a review of eight or lower, emailing or calling to find out what you could have done better is a nice touch that could offer valuable insight.

  Have a question we didn’t answer? Ask us over the phone, through email, or via chat!

Take the next steps with 5-Star Reviews.

Start getting more 5-star reviews for your agency today! Email your best clients asking for feedback and include a link to your review form. You can also update your email signature with a link and ask “How am I doing?” You’ll be surprised how many people can’t wait to pat you on the back. If a client sends a kind remark in an email, respond back with a link so they can share that feedback publicly.

Taking good care of your clients and prospects is foundational for success. Asking folks to sing your praises helps you build upon that foundation!

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