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Why is having a unique About page important?

Believe it or not, one of the most frequently visited pages on insurance agency websites is the About page, and a good one can help you stand out from the crowd. But writing an About page for an insurance agency website may seem like a struggle. Don’t know where to start? It’s all about personality.

Your clients want to know who they’re working with, and they want to see the personal side of your agency. At Forge3, our goal is to reflect who your agency is through your insurance agency website powered by ActiveAgency, and we start with the unique information you provide to us in the questionnaire.

The table of contents.

Here’s what we’ll cover throughout this resource on writing an About page for your insurance agency website.

Your mission and values define your agency.

Mission statements and core values may feel stuffy and formal, but they can be a useful tool to convince potential clients to work with you. It’s a method of communicating what you value to your clients in a succinct, easy-to-understand way. For example, you may value honesty, integrity, and community service. Your mission statement should reflect those.

  Mission statements can be a sentence fragment or up to four sentences long.

A good mission statement is usually clear and encompasses broad ideas. In terms of length, it can be anywhere from a few words to a few sentences. The point is to be efficient and concise without losing your audience’s attention. Your language should not only be targeted towards a wide audience, but it should be compelling as well. Remember, this is not just persuading clients to work with you, it’s also setting up a foundation for your agency’s culture and values.

How to Write an About Page - The Independent Agency Advantage

What sets your agency apart?

This is probably one of the biggest questions potential clients may have about your agency. They want to know what makes you different from all the other insurance agencies they can choose from. Your About page can help you express who you are as an agency by showing your personality. For instance, is your team or agency actively involved in community service? Is there a special workplace culture in your agency? Have you won awards or do you participate in professional associations? All of this helps build your agency’s credibility and shows potential clients what makes your agency special and unique.

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Have you taken a look at Forge3’s About page? From our team photos and awards to featuring our location-independent work culture, involvement with the Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation, and professional partnerships within the insurance industry, our About page shows who we are behind the scenes. It establishes credibility within the insurance industry while showing what makes us different. The key takeaway? It’s all about making your personality shine.

  Consider including a first-person blurb from your principal, founder, or CEO introducing themselves and your agency. It’s a nice personal touch that people will remember.

Show your roots through history.

When was your agency founded? A year ago? 15? 100? Your agency may have years or decades of history behind it that you could potentially highlight on your About page. Your history not only shows your potential clients that you have the experience and authority in the industry to help them, but it also shows how deeply rooted your agency may be in your community. If you’ve been around for half a century, then your agency and office building are probably a community landmark for many people.

There are so many ways you can accomplish this. You could tell the story of your agency’s founding by the original owners. If your agency has run in the family for generations, you can talk about that as well. Featuring a timeline of key events in your agency’s history might also be an option. These could include your founding, moves to a new building, transitions from one principal to the next, and other important events. The more you can discuss your history, the more you can establish your authority in the insurance industry.

How to Write an About Page - Our Mission Statement

Now, if you’re a newer agency, you obviously won’t have an exhaustive history to review. However, you can still focus on the key highlights of your agency, such as why you decided to open your agency or how your team met each other. This is also a great place to highlight your leadership team’s respective roles in the community. You can also take this as an opportunity to keep a record of your agency’s history as you grow. Important events can be added to this section over time and clients or prospects will get to see how far you’ve come.

What’s in a name?

Juliet once spoke those words in Romeo and Juliet to claim that the Montague name keeping her and Romeo apart was meaningless. Well, we’ll have to disagree with Shakespeare a little bit on this one. At some point, you’ve probably looked up what your name means. Learning what names mean and their history can be fun. That applies to your agency, too. If there’s a story behind your agency’s name, you should tell it on your About page.

Perhaps your name is a combination of your children’s initials, illustrating how you value family. Maybe your agency name has a regional meaning—think the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania or Chicagoland in Illinois. That could show your connection to your community and the local area. Showing the unique story behind your name is a great way to give meaning to your business.

  Want a real-life example? Forge3 comes from encouraging our clients to “Forge Ahead” and our three-word motto, “Launch. Do. Grow.”

Questions to get you started.

We know that writing about your agency is sometimes easier said than done. Coming up with what to say about your agency can be tough, but even if you feel like you’re just another generic agency, we bet you aren’t. There’s probably something fun, unique, and interesting that could stand out to clients—you just don’t realize it yet. So, we’ve put together some questions to get you thinking about your agency and what makes you special.

What do you want people to remember about your agency?

Is it your community involvement, years in business, or commitment to your organization’s culture? The sky is the limit here!

What is your company culture like?

Maybe you value family above all else. Perhaps you like to keep things fun and innovative. Or you might stick to the traditional office environment.

Do you have a mission statement or company values?

You can tell a full story about your agency with only a few sentences when you create a mission statement.

Do you volunteer as a group?

What organizations do you support? Have you participated in walks, fun runs, or other community events for a cause?

Do you have any partnerships with local organizations or businesses?

Some agencies partner with local organizations or businesses in their area. Highlight them on your About page and ask those businesses to do the same.

Do you encourage your team to continue to learn?

Does your team go to seminars or other training? Do they participate in conferences or other events?

Is there a significance or background story to your business name that can be shared?

Whether it’s a family name, something that specifies your region or focus, or you have initials that mean something, there’s probably a story to tell that clients will be interested in.

Are there any historical details about your agency’s foundation and progression?

Is the ownership of your business significant in some way? Have you been around for generations? What are your significant milestones?

How do you make your clients feel taken care of and supported?

Do you regularly check-in? Do you send out holiday cards? Do you meet in person? Do you offer appointments after hours? These are great ways to show that you care.

Are there popular names or phrases for your neighborhood or region that locals might relate to?

Some examples include the Lehigh Valley, Chicagoland, the Catskills, or a specific metro or multi-county area.

Let your agency shine.

There’s no right or wrong way to write about your insurance agency. At the end of the day, your About page is meant to showcase who you are, whether that’s casual and playful or more traditional. Clients and prospects want to be able to form a connection with your agency and your staff. By offering up what makes you tick, they get to do exactly that!

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