How to Write Team Member Bios for Insurance Agency Websites

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Resource - How to Write Team Member Bios for Insurance Agency Websites
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Why team pages and team member bios are important.

Having a team page to highlight the people behind your agency is an excellent way for clients and prospects to get to know you and to foster a stronger connection with those who visit the site. Including team member bios opens the door to establishing a rapport with your website visitors. Also, you can send your team page to clients and prospects so they can get to know the people they’ll be working with while putting “a face to the name,” as the saying goes.

The table of contents.

Here’s what we’ll cover throughout this resource on writing team member bios for insurance agency websites.

The steps to writing an outstanding team member bio.

Many people say they don’t like writing about themselves and don’t know where to start. But writing a team member bio doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Here are some simple steps to help you get going.

  • Keep it short and sweet. A few quick paragraphs are all you need!
  • Write in a voice that suits your agency. More on that in a minute.
  • Use a formula that’s easy to replicate, such as the one suggested below.

When coordinating team member bios for your agency, we recommend that you have each team member write their own bio while following your preferred guidelines for the best results. Here’s an example that’s easy for most to follow whether they are industry veterans or just getting started.

First Paragraph

Highlight their role at the agency and their main focus.

Second Paragraph

Highlight their education and insurance/work background.

Third Paragraph

Highlight their personal life and hobbies they’d like to share.

How to showcase your personality with creative bios.

Your team member bios offer a great opportunity to really shine. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a traditional bio, especially if that’s the voice of your agency. However, if you’d like to kick it up a notch, your bios can be an effective way to showcase just how fun and dynamic your team is. Here are some tips to making your bios stand out:

Encourage employees to write in the first person (I, me) rather than third person (he, she, they). This lets the reader connect with your team member on another level and makes the bio feel more like a personal conversation.

Consider writing the bios in a narrative format, more like a blog post or story than a reporting of the facts. When employees write this way, it’s much easier to get a sense of who they really are.

You can still include basic information such as educational background and work history, but to take it a step further, perhaps include any of the following:

  • Why did you choose to work here?
  • What is something unexpected about your job?
  • What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Ask all employees to name a favorite thing most can relate to, such as:

  • Movie, music, or book.
  • Cuisine they couldn’t live without.
  • Animal, either domestic or in the wild.
  • Dessert or indulgence.

Have everyone include a “fun fact” about themselves. This could even be one short sentence.

Ask for a favorite quote, either something from a famous person or a motto the employee lives by.

The sky’s the limit with this, so don’t be afraid to have fun! For inspiration, check out our team bios on the Forge3 website.

Examples of traditional bios for insurance agency websites.

Long traditional team member bio example.

Jaclyn joined XYZ Agency in December of 2018 as a personal lines agent. As a personal lines agent, Jaclyn focuses on providing home, auto, and renters insurance for her clients and is an important part of the team. Jaclyn’s favorite part of working at XYZ Agency is that she gets to speak with her clients and build trusting relationships every day.

Jaclyn graduated from F3 University in 2010 with a bachelor’s in business administration. She began her career as a customer service representative and later moved into account management. In 2017, Jaclyn earned her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation. As a personal lines agent, she has in-depth knowledge in handling property and casualty claims and finding her clients the right coverage for their needs. Jaclyn is also committed to serving her community and is involved with organizations such as the local chamber of commerce.

When not at work, Jaclyn enjoys fly-fishing, spending time with family and friends, going on Sunday drives around town, and going to the movie theater.

Example ActiveAgency bio page.
Resource - How to Write a Team Member Bio for Insurance Agency Websites - Team Members
Short traditional team bio example.

Zed is the owner of XYZ Agency and has been a part of the team since founding the agency in 1985. With a background in financial investing and risk management, as well as working at his family’s local restaurant in his early years, Zed brings his varied experience to the agency. Outside of work, you can find Zed playing his Atari ST, adding to his library of sci-fi novels, or going on long bicycle rides.

Examples of creative bios for insurance agency websites.

Hi there! I’m Amber!

I’m a Personal Lines Producer here at XYZ Agency. I started here in October 2018 as an account manager, but was promoted to my current position in 2019. I love that I get to help people find the right insurance as a major part of my role. I’m looking forward to growing my knowledge and expanding my responsibilities within the agency.

I graduated from F3 University in 2017 with a dual degree in marketing and finance. I spent some time working in my family’s business after graduation while waiting for the right opportunity. I was thrilled to find an opening at XYZ Agency because of their great reputation and focus on the customer!

When I’m not at work, I love to go bowling with my friends or just relax at home with my husband, Joe, and the best cat ever, Mittens!

Templates to write your own team member bios.

Simply copy and paste this template below to get started with a basic team member bio. These three short paragraphs are a great starting point, but feel free to expand and adjust as needed to make them as unique as possible. We’ve also included a single paragraph version if you’d like something even shorter.

Long team bio (3 paragraphs).

(Name) joined (agency name) in (month and/or year) as a (job title). As a (job title), (name) (list of primary duties), and is an important part of the team. (Name)’s favorite part of working at (agency name) is (favorite part of working here).

(Name) graduated from (school or university) in (year of graduation) with a (type of degree). (Her/His/Their) educational experience led (name) to become (past careers, other roles). As a (job title), (name) has (list of insurance licenses) and has in-depth knowledge in handling (primary insurance/customer service duties). (Name) is also committed to serving (her/his/their) community and is involved with organizations such as (list of community/professional organizations).

When not at work, (name) enjoys (list of hobbies, personal interests, etc.).

Short team bio (1 paragraph).

(Name) is a (job title) at (agency name), and has been a part of the team since (month and/or year). With a background in (past careers/education), (name) brings (her/his/their) experience to (her/his/their) role. Outside of work, you can find (name) (list of hobbies, personal interests, etc.).

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