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How do I import blog articles from my old website into my ActiveAgency website?

If you’ve built up a solid library of blog articles on your old website, you might want to move them over to your new ActiveAgency website. In most cases, we should be able to easily assist you with the blog import, but it depends on how your current blog is set up.

WordPress blog import.

If your current blog is built on WordPress, the migration should be pretty simple. We’ll just need administrative access to your old website so that we can export your blog posts (using the WP All Export Pro plugin). You can provide this information to your assigned Project Manager. Then, we’ll import your blog content into your new ActiveAgency website.

Non-WordPress blog import.

If your current blog is not built on WordPress, we will need to evaluate the situation to determine the best course of action. For example, if you’re able to send us an XML file, we should be able to import the blog articles without issue. However, depending on the details, sometimes the blog images won’t import correctly. Again, this depends on the export file and its compatibility with WordPress standards.

If an XML file is not available, and you would still like the blog imported, this might need to be scoped as a small, one-time project since we’ll likely need to migrate the articles and related content manually. Project cost and timeline will depend on the scope of work, which we will be able to provide before getting started.

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