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Here’s how the ActiveAgency project works.

Our goal is to create an amazing, beautifully designed website that reflects your insurance agency!

In order to do this, we follow a simple, streamlined process. That’s what this page covers.

Before that, though, here are a few common questions.

Can my website look like anything I want?
ActiveAgency is quite flexible. However, we use our current demo site as the starting point. That includes 200+ pages of content and a great design framework. We then customize it to reflect your agency. We pay close attention to the homepage, about pages, location pages, and any other content that’s unique to your agency. So, while our process allows for considerable flexibility, it doesn’t allow us to re-design the entire site from scratch. Your Project Manager will guide the way and keep things on track.

How does the billing work?
We like to keep this really simple. The monthly billing begins immediately after you sign up. Since there are no long-term contracts, this helps cover a very small portion of our upfront work and related costs. If you haven’t already, be sure to set up auto-pay via credit card for the ultimate convenience.

What’s included?
ActiveAgency websites are built for SEO and include powerful sales and servicing features like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Client Service Center, Notification Bars, Power Panels, and much more.

How long does it take?
It typically takes about six weeks for you to receive your customized site. However, much of this depends on you! The more proactive you are, the faster we can get your site through our production process. For example, we can’t start the design phase until we have your completed questionnaire and any related follow-up items. At that point, it usually takes six weeks for us to customize and design your new website. Then, once we receive your feedback, we plan on another week or two (depending on the scope of the changes).

Of course, we’ll keep things moving as quickly as we can, but we’ll never sacrifice quality. Our reputation—and yours—depends on it! We can also set up a temporary splash page ASAP if you don’t have a current website so you can establish an online presence.

Welcome email, questionnaire, and intro call.

Within a day or so of signing up, we send you a simple online questionnaire to help us better understand your agency and the goals for the new website. Your Project Manager also gives you a quick call to answer any initial questions.

The questionnaire asks about your agency, the types of insurance you offer, your design preferences, and more. You can also send us team photos, your logo, and any other files.

Yes, this requires a little work on your end, but we find that it typically takes around 30 to 60 minutes. You can save your progress and come back later, too. Ultimately, the more you tell us about your insurance agency, the better!

After you submit the questionnaire, we review it in detail and coordinate any remaining pieces. We’ll also check your current website, as we may be able to include some existing information from there.

If you missed any sections on the questionnaire or left questions for us, we’ll nail those down before proceeding with production to customize your website.

Once we have everything we need, we schedule your site for customization. At that point, the hard part is over! You can sit back and relax, while our team gets to work. When customization is complete, we’ll send you the site for review!

With every project, we have a team of real people working on things. This includes your Project Manager, a Content Manager and a Visual Designer. You’ll work closely with your Project Manager, so let them know if you have any questions!

Launch, project wrap-up, and next steps.


After you’ve reviewed your site and given approval, we get into the launch process.

Most agencies prefer to have us handle the technical launch process of changing your website address to “point” to the new website. Your Project Manager works with you to get the details around this. Don’t worry. Your email and everything else remain as-is.

Or, if your IT folks prefer to update the DNS, that’s fine. Your Project Manager can provide the necessary details they need to launch the site.

ActiveAgency includes top-tier website hosting with SSL website security, backups, and ongoing updates. So, if you’re paying for that elsewhere, you can safely cancel those services. Just be sure to confirm that you’re not using them for anything else.

Congrats on your new ActiveAgency website! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Now, it’s time to make the most of it!

Want to get ahead?

As we work on your new ActiveAgency website, take a look at all of the powerful tools and features you’ll soon have at your fingertips!

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If you’d rather speak to us, reach out to our Client Experience team.

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