Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most critical—yet overlooked—aspects of a great digital marketing strategy today. Every second 40,000 people make a search on Google – and a lot of them are insurance consumers. Capturing that traffic means much more than simply choosing the right keywords. Insurance agency SEO is one of the most wide-reaching elements of your marketing strategy, and when it's done right, it can have more impact than any other marketing factor. Here are just some of the ways great insurance SEO assists in growing your business.


Well-researched SEO will help your insurance agency rank higher in search engines and increase your visibility online. That increased visibility will keep your insurance business at the top of people’s minds and will build trust in your brand with the insurance consumers you want.


SEO helps generate qualified leads because it targets prospects at the right stages of the client-acquisition journey. The more precise your insurance SEO, the more you get the leads you want.


SEO for insurance brokers drives traffic to your website. When you take the time to understand what your potential clients are searching for and adjust your SEO accordingly, prospects are easier to convert because you’re speaking to their needs and meeting their expectations.

Mobile Search

Your clients and prospects are more than likely searching on mobile devices, and that means your SEO efforts have to include local SEO for insurance agents. While local SEO shares many of the attributes of traditional SEO, it must be focused on your community in order to make it easy to learn about your brand using mobile search.

When you invest in great insurance agency SEO that targets the audience you want, you are getting to the core of what effective marketing is all about – giving your clients and prospects what they’re looking for.

Insurance Agency SEO Services

Agency Revolution provides marketing solutions specifically for insurance agents and brokers. That means everything we do is designed to bring you more clients and grow your business, so we understand how critical it is that your insurance SEO does its job. Here's how our insurance SEO services work for your agency or brokerage:

Local Search

Agency Revolution's Local Search Services establish your local presence online. We make sure your insurance agency is presented professionally, and we leverage your listings across the web to differentiate your agency from the competition. We build a foundation for your local presence by first ensuring your insurance agency is listing correctly across a range of search engines. The result is increased visibility in mobile search and more local traffic.

Pro Services

Agency Revolution's Professional Services and your dedicated Client Success Manager will revitalize your marketing strategy with insurance SEO elements that get results. You'll also get tools and solutions to maximize other aspects of your marketing strategy, like custom email campaigns, blogging, and social media. If you need more help with optimizing your local listings, our Pro Services will give you the support you need.


When you want fail-proof marketing services, our Elevate™ marketing package contains all the marketing solutions you’ve been looking for. Elevate™ includes a website, automated services, pre-built content, and a marketing coach that will help you focus your goals, track success, setup marketing campaigns, and create custom branded content. You'll find all the tools and support you need for optimizing your website, and boosting your brand, so you can connect with your audience through great insurance agency SEO. If you're looking for a comprehensive marketing solution, Elevate™ is the best service for your marketing needs.

Find out how Agency Revolution can help you grow your business so you can focus on your insurance agency. Get your demo today and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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