Automation Grows Your Agency

Enhance your customers' experience, streamline operations, and save time with insurance marketing automation! With the right tools to automate your communications, you can effectively build agency relationships at scale without losing that personal touch.

Fuse™ seamlessly integrates with the most popular agency management systems to create the ultimate insurance marketing machine.


“Instead of having to create copy from scratch, there are pre-formatted emails for you to use. There's even a timeline suggestion, so if you’re new to marketing you can get going pretty quickly.”

Tia-Marie Gagnon
Chalmers Insurance Group

The Right Conversations at the Right Time

Build stronger relationships by delivering important information when it's needed most. Send a timely text message to customers in the storm's path. Remind them you’re a call away when they file a claim. Share information about where to go when you know evacuations have been ordered. Building customer relationships that last requires trust––earn it by investing in an automated marketing solution to send the right message at the right time.

Save Your Staff Time

Fuse™ automatically delivers custom messages for the important events in your customers’ lives, and uses the perfect medium––email, text, postcard or phone––for every occasion.

Easy Account Rounding

Fuse™ makes it easy to identify gaps in coverage and to micro-target your list with specific marketing campaigns designed to round your accounts and sell more policies.

Increase Efficiency

Let Fuse™ trigger automatic notifications to your staff when changes occur to your accounts, policies and claims activity. Stay informed of the important events affecting retention.

See How It Works

See how well-timed campaigns uncover opportunities to sell new policies to prospects and close clients' coverage gaps.

Quick Start Campaigns for Every Occasion

Need to launch a simple campaign right away, or setup a more complex multi-stage sequence? You're covered with our library of pre-built campaigns for common cases or professional services hours for more complex scenarios.

Welcome Kit

Manage customer expectations and assure them you’ll be there right from the start of your relationship.

NPS® Survey

Manage your reputation and help retain clients, turn detractors into promoters, and boost online reviews.

NPS for insurance agencies | agency revolution.

Cross Sell

Fix gaps in your customers’ coverage with policy cross-selling campaigns for common scenarios.

Refer Away

Get a stream of fresh referrals with campaigns that engage customers when they're ready to refer their friends.

Flexible Communication Options

Meet your customers where they are by using the communication channels they prefer––leverage email, text message, phone and even direct mail to ensure they receive your message.


Fuse™ gives you an intuitive and versatile email builder to craft the perfect email messages that reflect your agency and resonate with your audience.


90% of text messages are read within three minutes, making this communication channel is a critical medium to deliver important updates quickly.

Direct Mail

Some messages are best delivered the old-fashioned way. Fuse™ will send the perfect postcard and ensure it’s delivered without you ever having to lick a stamp.

See Fuse™ in Action

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