The Secret Psychology of Why People Buy Insurance

Why understanding these three reasons people buy insurance can boost your customer lifetime value by 700% Ever wonder why people buy insurance? A crystal clear understanding of this can quickly take your agency to the next level. Especially as new digital competitors lust after your customers.

Just how does marketing automation work in an insurance agency or brokerage…and what does it actually do?

 The most advanced systems deliver communications in four major categories of marketing: Life-cycle Marketing. (Agency Revolution refers to this as Trigger Point Marketing.) These messages are designed to guide each individual customer throughout their life-cycle with your firm, shepherding them from newcomer or stranger to ‘raving fan.’  This is an advanced feature that ‘triggers’ messages […]

7 Ways Marketing Automation Is Growing Agencies Faster and Easier

Marketing automation is growing. Sizzling fast. What does it do for insurance agencies & brokerages? Just like it does for other businesses, it empowers agencies to automate and simplify communications with their customers and marketplace. While the features of marketing automation may vary widely, quality software offers many benefits to the insurance agency & brokerage. […]