Automate. Engage. Grow.

A relationship marketing platform built exclusively for independent insurance agents & brokers.
Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with clients and prospects.

It's time to communicate!


With our automated tools, you can finally achieve consistent, powerful communication with all your clients and prospects. Free yourself from your inbox.


Provide today’s consumer with the communication they expect. Make it easy for them to communicate with their insurance agent or broker. Build a deeper, more connected relationship and turn your clients into loyal customers.


Using the data already in your agency or broker management system, our Connect™ Platform will allow you to identify, monitor and automatically communicate with:

  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Personal and commercial renewals
  • Lost leads
  • New client onboarding
  • Review and referral requests
  • And more…

Our purpose.

We believe the independent insurance channel is the best way for today’s consumer to be protected. Faced with increased competition from the direct channel and the reality that you need lots of customers to make a living, most independent insurance agents and brokers get stuck working in the business rather than on it. We’re here to change that.

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What is Agency Revolution?

We provide communication and marketing tools, websites, and the training you need to reach your clients and prospects, creating a consistent, meaningful and repeatable communication strategy. We reduce administrative workload, providing real-time performance analytics for your business. Our services mean faster growth, better retention, and more loyal clients.
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Automatic Reminders

Be proactive and consistent at 90 or 120 days out from your clients x-date. Beat the competition to the punch.

Measure Your Progress

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Our dashboard gives you key metrics for all lines of your business, including employee performance.

Keep in Touch

Provide value all year long. Show your customers there’s more to you than just insurance.

A Warm Welcome

Show your clients how much they mean to you from day one. Every client, every time.

Get More Business

Increased cross-selling means more policies per customer, stronger loyalty, and higher retention.

Get Referrals and Reviews

Leverage your current book and give peace of mind to potential new clients with glowing reviews.

Boost Your Image

Our Attract™ websites are modern, professional, and designed to help insurance agents and brokers look great online.

Nurture Every Lead

Unconverted leads? Lose a client? Automatically nurture lost clients and prospects so they come back to you.

Awesome Content

Industry-specific content crafted with your audience in mind, including videos, infographics, articles, and lead generating ebooks.


Connect™ uses data from your Agency or Broker Management System to automatically send the right message at the right time to your clients and prospects. Micro-target your communication, gather leads, and follow-up automatically.
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Connect Campaigns


Get a powerful, attractive website, layered with tools that help drive more traffic and build your business.
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Gorgeous Websites

Get a beautiful website made just for you, with a dashboard that lets you gauge traffic, create new pages, and customize at will.

Award-Winning Content

Your website comes preloaded with super-shareable videos, infographics and articles, plus ebooks and quizzes made to generate leads.

Automated Marketing

Our campaigns are designed to drive traffic to your site, generate new leads, and nurture client relationships.

Lead Generation Tools

Get access to top quality content and special features designed to turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Integration spotlights.

Our platform integrates with most insurance management system software.

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Ongoing training and support.

Your success is our success. You’re never alone. We’ll help guide you to your growth goals with comprehensive onboarding and ongoing live training all year long. Meet some of our Success Team here!
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