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Top 6 Ways to Use Video in Your Agency

The Top 6 Ways to Use Video in Your Agency

Everywhere you look, video is becoming an important part of marketing strategies. In fact, the momentum around video is simply incredible: according to Wyzowl, 84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a video. That’s why, for agency owners, it’s critical that you pay attention to and utilize this medium as […]

4 Steps to fast reliable growth for insurance agents & brokers

4 Steps to Fast, Reliable Growth for Insurance Agents & Brokers

Here is a simple 4 Step business exercise to guide your agency or brokerage through the most reliable growth strategy. I’ve used this system with hundreds of clients throughout North America. The general reaction has been, “Oh! Now that I look at it that way, this is way easier than what I was doing before.” […]

[Transcript] Michael Jans – Founder of Agency Revolution Interview with Rick Fox

Welcome to the Connected Insurance podcast presented by Agency Revolution. Listen to interviews with the most influential people in the insurance industry. Learn the most important strategies, tactics trends and challenges facing today’s independent insurance agents & brokers. New episodes every Wednesday. Visit and click Media to explore the connected insurance family of resources […]

5 Unique Ways to Retain and Grow Your Customer Base

5 unique ways to retain and grow your customer base

Many insurance agency owners fret continuously about how to grow their business.  What is more important:  acquiring new leads, converting those leads into customers or retaining the customer base you already have.  The simple answer is all three aspects are equally important.  In order to grow, your business has to be adding new customers.  At […]

[transcript]Neal Stanley Vice President of United Valley Insurance

Michael Jans: Hello everybody this is Michael Jans founder of Agency Revolution. We make it easy for you to automate your systems, engage your customers, and grow your agency your brokerage. I want to welcome you to this episode of the connected insurance podcast where we explore the trends innovations challenges and the solutions to […]