5 Steps to Better Customer Retention

5 Steps to Better Customer Retention

Successful insurance agencies are built on maintaining customer relationships. After all, when you lose established customers, it offsets the gains from the new customers you bring in, especially when you consider how much more expensive it is to acquire new customers vs. maintaining current ones. Good retention rates also lead to more policies per customer […]

Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli – Co-founders of G&N Insurance

From Scratch Agency to 10,000+ Clients – Masterclass in Modern Marketing, Bonus Edition! A few weeks ago, we announced a 3-Part ‘Masterclass in Modern Insurance Marketing.’ But, it’s not. Now, it’s a 4-Part Series. After I recorded this interview, I just had to add to this series. As I’ve mentioned, I felt strongly that it […]

[Transcript] Jerry Jones – CEO of Jerry Jones Direct

Michael Jans: Jerry Jones, thanks for joining us Jerry how are you? Jerry Jones: I’m fantastic, how are you doing Michael? Michael: Well, I’m doing good so let’s give a little background on our relationship and then, of course, your area of expertise. You and I have known each other for goodness’ sakes, I’m saying […]

What's the Inspiration Level of Your Marketing Content?

What’s the Inspiration Level of Your Marketing Content?

Why do some pieces of content go viral while others are swept under the rug? There’s no one formula for inspirational content, but there are five essential components to address when creating marketing materials that capture your audience’s attention and interest. 1. Will my audience care? You aren’t creating content for yourself. You’re creating it […]

Want Sky-High ROI? Here are 3 Places to Begin. Article by Agency Revolution.

Want Sky-High ROI? Here Are 3 Places to Begin.

When it comes to where you ought to put your marketing dollars, you, of course, want it to come back to you – in multiples: A few dollars in, lots of dollars out. As your content marketing journey evolves, you’ll test and experiment. You’ll discover hidden marketing gems that work for you. When you start, […]

Why Most Questions About 'Digital Marketing Strategy' are Wrong, Misplaced, and Out of Order

Why Most Questions About ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ are Wrong, Misplaced, and Out of Order

Because of our firm’s attention on organic growth, our clients typically have asked us for shortcuts to top line revenue acceleration. Members of our client community have frequently shared success stories — ‘this campaign worked really well,’ or ‘this one really got the phones to ring.’ Then the questions would fly in. Years ago the […]