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Fuse™ Marketing Automation and Communication Enablement For Independent Insurance Agencies

Use the data in your management system to deliver personalized omnichannel communications throughout the customer journey.

Intelligent Marketing Automation for Insurance Agencies

With Fuse™, the insurance industry’s leading marketing automation tool, you can use the client and policy data in your agency management system to deliver personalized communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

By delighting and engaging clients at key points in the customer journey, your agency will improve retention, client acquisition, policies per customer, and staff efficiency.

Other vendors weren’t integrated deeply enough to let us run campaigns using client and policy data points. Fuse’s ability to trigger automated campaigns on a range of data points is a game-changer.

Jessica TiceAll Lines Insurance

Deep Integration with Leading Agency Management Systems

Fuse™ offers the deepest two-way integration of any insurance marketing and communication automation tool—empowering you to micro-target and trigger email, text, and direct mail communications based on more than 100 client and policy data points.

Automate communication at scale without losing that personal touch that your clients expect.

Case Study

Agency Revolution has allowed Columbia to:

  • Increase client retention rates ~2% YoY
  • Significantly increase communications with clients while saving 3-5 hours of work per week per account manager
  • Boost client satisfaction and positive reviews
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Pre-Built Content and Campaigns Help Automate Marketing

The Fuse™ library of ready-to-go, multi-step campaigns includes everything your insurance agency needs to sell more policies, delight clients, and streamline operations.

Sell More Insurance Policies

Proven campaigns to cross-sell to existing clients, gather referrals, and renew accounts are ready to launch as soon as you get started.

Delight and Educate Clients

Exceed client expectations with a welcome campaign, send birthday and holiday postcards, engage them with monthly newsletter templates.

Streamline Operations

Automatically guide clients when they file a claim, gather client feedback, schedule timely account reviews, send surveys, and win back customers effortlessly.

Easy Email Marketing Automation for Insurance Agencies

Creating your own automated campaigns is simple too. Fuse’s modern email builder lets anyone easily design professional-looking email campaigns complete with text, graphics, and video.

Multi-location, Multi-brand, Multi-sender Support

Do you have locations across multiple states, regions, or across the entire US? No problem. Fuse™ is the only marketing automation tool that has the ability to create campaigns once, then instantly execute them across multiple offices and brands.

This advanced feature coupled with Sender Personalization ensures each communication comes from the person at the agency the consumer has a relationship with, which significantly improves engagement.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation with a Personal Touch

Communicating in the customer’s preferred channel creates an even more personalized experience. Fuse™ lets you send messages and build sequential omnichannel campaigns using email, text, and direct mail. It also lets you create multiple senders so clients receive messages from the right person.

NPS® for Insurance Agencies Drives Retention and Growth

Fuse has robust Net Promoter Score (NPS) capabilities. Agencies can measure customer satisfaction with the company, staff, or products offered. Understanding which clients are promoters and which are detractors can help you improve retention, and get more online reviews and referral business.

Dashboard for Monitoring Performance

See exactly how Fuse™ campaigns are growing your insurance agency with the business insights dashboard. At a glance, track your book of business, active customers, policies in force, individual performance, and more—so you can make the best strategic decisions to drive growth in your insurance agency.

Business Texting

Meet your clients where they are – on their phones. You can connect with your clients at a time that’s most convenient for both of you, even outside of regular business hours.

Business Texting can be automatically triggered based on a client event. This means you can set it up once and it will continue to work for you, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Our texting tool runs without additional apps, and the group inbox features ensures your clients get the quickest response. Plus, texting connects to an existing contact, keeping all of your client communication in one place, helping you to provide the best service.

Easily add texts to campaigns – both existing and new ones – seamlessly integrating it into your current marketing strategy.

Pipeline Management Tool

Whether they’re a new prospect or a loyal client, the Pipeline Management Tool can help you communicate effectively at every stage.

It’s there to support you from the first interaction with a lead, through to renewal or cross-sell with a client.

The Pipeline Management Tool also helps you communicate with clients to renewal or cross-sell. This ensures that you’re always in touch with your clients, providing them with the information they need when they need it.

And when it comes to prospects, the tool allows you to target specific key moments on their path to purchase. This can help you make a strong impression and increase your chances of converting leads into clients.

Power your insurance agency with your Fuse Dashboard.

Easy, secure access to everything you need to get the most out of Fuse.

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