Rhett VanScoter, Owner, VanScoter Insurance Agency on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Rhett VanScoter, Owner, VanScoter Insurance Agency

15 years ago Rhett VanScoter took a step back from the accounting world to start his own independent insurance agency from scratch. Like all startup agencies, he quickly realized the value of every single customer. Fast forward to today, VanScoter Insurance Agency boosted its retention rate by five points in a single year and now holds among the highest NPS® scores in any industry. Year after year, the customer loyalty his agency has earned consistently turns into growth. 

In this discussion, Rhett reveals: 

  • His top campaigns to continuously strengthen client relationships
  • How he maintains a library of fresh and meaningful content for his audience
  • Rhett’s simple method to generate a steady stream of 5-star reviews

If you want to see how client relationships drive growth in an insurance agency, do not miss this conversation. 

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