Chuck Blondino – Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs at Safeco Insurance… Returns with 2019 Safeco Survey Data Insights

Chuck Blondino on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

What the most successful agents are doing today according to the latest Safeco and Liberty Mutual agency survey

Want to know what’s working today? And you want proof?

You’ll get both in this fast-paced, data-loaded conversation with Chuck Blondino, Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs at Safeco Insurance. Chuck returns to the podcast to share the most important data from the latest Safeco and Liberty Mutual agency survey. Listen to this discussion to discover what the most successful personal and commercial lines agencies are doing to get ahead:

  • The eight marketing behaviors most reported by the fastest growing agencies in the US.
  • Precisely what personal lines agents are doing to grow 13-20% and commercial lines agents by 19-30%.
  • The central theme of “connected marketing” that drives the most successful marketing for top performers.

It’s rare that we get solid data on the levers of performance. Chuck delivers it here – and every agent & broker in North America should listen. You’ll get clarity and confidence like never before!

What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where our hosts discuss the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent & broker with the industry’s leading figures.

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