Dan Faggella – Founder & CEO of Emerj

Dan Faggella – Founder & CEO of Emerj on the Connected Insurance Podcast Presented by Agency Revolution

Why this leading expert on Artificial Intelligence is urging insurance agents to ‘lean upmarket’

Whether you realize it or not, Artificial intelligence is part of your everyday life. It’s even become part of normal operations in the insurance industry. But, for as much as AI has permeated our lives, this is just the beginning.

Our podcast guest, Dan Faggella, predicts big changes ahead. As the AI consultant to the UN, INTERPOL, The World Bank, global pharmaceutical and insurance companies, Dan Faggella has a clear-eyed view on the promise (and potential pitfalls) of artificial intelligence in the insurance industry. In this podcast you will learn:

  • How artificial intelligence will likely affect the purchase of insurance (and how agents select their markets) in the very near future.
  • Why insurance agents must pay attention to the rise of AI in other industries because, as Dan says, ‘Those very waves will hit you.’
  • The four places in the insurance value chain most likely to be transformed by AI (including customer relations).
  • The strategic imperative that agents must wake up to quickly (and how that may change your entire book of business for the better)!

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the world’s top artificial intelligence experts. Listen today and be better prepared for tomorrow.

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