David Schwendiman – Client Enrollment & Retention Specialist

Three super-practical tips for agents who want to grow

Our young podcast guest is a super-star of the modern era. Dave started his insurance career as a young agent with his own captive agency. He followed the sales training advice provided by the so-called ‘sales pros’ in leadership in his company – and had a big fat ZERO to show for it. Then, he turned things upside and did it a completely different way.

Boom. Everything changed. Top ranked in life sales in the state. Top ranked rookie in commercial sales in the state.

And, shortly after, started his own coaching company to share the simple secrets to his success. (The 180 agents who followed his model quickly became the fastest growing group out of 13,000 that were tracked and measured.)

In this fast-paced conversation, here are the three ‘quick secrets’ David and Michael talk about:

  • The 6-step process to overload your lead funnel. (This has two elements that turn the usual ‘cold call sequence’ upside-down. One – a twist on psychology that makes the agent an ‘instant friend’ of the prospect. Two – a very easy way to keep it organized.)
  • The easy way to make it easy for CSRs to sell more. A lot more. Dave tells the story of the CSR who threw down the gauntlet when she said, ‘You’ll never make me sell.’ (This story ends with 34 sales in the very next month – and an email that says, ‘I can’t believe how easy it was!’)
  • Dave’s a millennial, and he shares what this industry – with the average age of owners in their late 50’s – needs to do to attract and earn the trust (and wallet) of this booming market. (‘We’re all digital natives.’ He shares how to use digital the right way.)

A note from Michael Jans: We covered three ‘tips’ – and they’re all different. The first one, on ‘funnel filling’ leads is specifically designed for commercial producers, but, with a tad of creativity, anyone can use this principal. (I discuss this directly in the podcast.) The second tip – on getting CSRs to sell more – is a breakthrough secret for anyone who frets that their CSRs are leaving money on the table. And, the third tip – about millennials – is sound advice for anyone who wants to sell to more millennials. (And, frankly, unless you’re selling your agency tomorrow, everyone needs to pay attention to what millennials are telling us about how to earn their loyalty.)

Connected Podcast listeners know that I like to balance my content and guests. On one side, I want to present those big picture trends and forces that you absolutely must attend to. (Get crushed if you don’t. Win like a monster if you do.) And, on the other side, practical-tactical ‘put it to work tomorrow’ ideas that are already proven in the marketplace. This podcast is in the practical-tactical category…plus some awesome insights on the millennial market every agent better pay attention to. (From a millennial!)

What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.

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