Michael DeLaGrange – Founder & President of Insurance Lounge

Is this the insurance agency of the future? (It’s already here.)

Everyone knows insurance agencies are changing. Or need to.

Here’s an agent who’s re-thinking the entire ‘agency idea’. Yes, it has a digital side to it. But, it’s also bricks ‘n mortar. That said, I think if you walked by it, two things would happen. 1) It would catch your eye, and 2) you’d go, ‘Wow, that’s an insurance agency?!’ (Then you’d walk inside to check it out.)

Like a lot of insurance agents, Michael DeLaGrange took over the family agency. He ran it. Got bored. Then, reinvented it. In this can’t-miss podcast episode, the founder of Insurance Lounge reveals:

  • How he thinks insurance agencies need to be re-engineered and re-designed to attract today’s consumer.
  • What he did to raise seed funding for this already profitable agency – to take it nationwide. (Does $2,000,000 get your attention?)
  • The little things he did to dramatically change the ‘look and feel’ of his agency (things that you very well may want to put on your to-do list)

You may or may not agree with everything this forward thinking ‘insura-preneur’ does. But, you’ll probably agree with his premise: that agencies need to change to keep up with today’s consumer. Don’t miss this conversation – as Michael and Michael hold up a mirror to the agency system… and ask you to take a hard look.

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