Mica Cooper, CEO, President, InsureCrypt on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Mica Cooper, CEO, President, InsureCrypt

Few things strike at the heart of day-to-day agency operations like standards—the manner in which data is transferred from one place to another. Industry pundits declare that legacy standards are hurting the independent agency channel, even more than the direct, digital, and captive channels. 

Mica Cooper—Founder and CEO of InsureCrypt, former System Architect at Vertafore and former Senior Architect at Hotels.com—is one industry leader who takes this seriously. He wants agents to understand how deeply this affects profits, customer satisfaction, and innovation. 

In this episode, Mica shares:

  • What every agent needs to know about the campaign to update industry standards
  • Why new, more modern standards will unleash a wave of insurtech innovation
  • How swift updates to standards will enable agents to deliver something closer to the “Apple experience”

If staying current and preparing for the future is important to you, don’t miss this episode. 

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