Paul Hawkins – President & CEO of HawkSoft

Now hear this! Industry leader, Paul Hawkins shares insights on agency success – from over 25 years of building one of the industry’s premier technology companies.

22 years ago, Paul Hawkins launched the HawkSoft agency management system – when the idea was almost a novelty. Now recognized as one of the leaders in helping insurance agencies manage and grow, Paul shares his insights on agency success:

  • The ‘one word’ that agents should live and breathe if they want to thrive.
  • How to handle the rapid pace of change in the industry – without losing a clear and reliable sense of direction.
  • From among the many thousands of customers that Paul and his company have served, he shares the unique behaviors of the ‘best of the best’ – and what they do differently.

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders. Paul’s rich history in the insurance and his incessant leadership provide insight the entire industry can benefit from.

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