Niji Sabahrwal, Co-Founder, CEO, AgentSync on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Niji Sabharwal, Co-Founder, CEO, AgentSync

When Zenefits ran into one of the largest compliance crises in the industry, they turned to Niji Sabharwal. He learned two important lessons. One—in his own words—brokers aren’t going anywhere. Two, they really need help with compliance. So a new insurtech was born. Rapid traction in the marketplace, $36 million in Series A funding, and 61 employees later, Niji, as CEO of AgentSync, sees a new wave of insurtech heading our direction.

Niji and podcast host Michael discuss:

  • Why agents and brokers aren’t going anywhere, and how they’ll look different in the future
  • How the next wave of insurtech will affect the independent agency channel
  • The steps agency principals should take when considering new technology

If you want a window into the future of the agency world, do not miss the insights from this tech pioneer. 

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