An unofficial three-part series on practical-tactical marketing for the Modern Insurance Agency

Zach Gould and Matt Naimoli, Co-founders of G&N Insurance on the Connected Insurance Podcast by Agency Revolution

October 17, 2018

Zack Gould & Matt Naimoli – Co-founders of G&N Insurance

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Bonus Edition! From Scratch Agency to 10,000+ Clients A few weeks ago, we announced a 3-Part ‘Masterclass in Modern Insurance Marketing.’ Now it’s a 4-Part Series! After I recorded this interview, I just had to add it to this series. As I’ve mentioned, I felt strongly that it was time to […]

Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship Insurance & Financial Planning, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, Presented by Agency Revolution

October 10, 2018

Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship (

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 3 of 3 Why should the marketplace do business with you above any and all other options? If you can’t answer that question, all the marketing tricks in the world are just that – TRICKS. This agency principal, Grant Botma, understands that lesson. In this episode of The Connected […]

Robert Knop – CEO of Assist You Today

September 26, 2018

Robert Knop – CEO of Assist You Today

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 1 of 3 Who can keep up with marketing today? Social media changes. The ‘rules of engagement’ change. The very things that consumers want and expect you to do change. Our host, Michael Jans, dives into the delicious details of SOCIAL SELLING with one of the country’s leading social […]

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