By integrating with your management system, the Connect relationship marketing platform allows you to automatically send the right message to the right person when it matters most.


Dashboard Analytics

  • Policies per client
  • New business
  • Premium per client
  • Agency premium
  • And more!


  • Pre-built content, sequences and steps
  • Fully customizable
  • Email performance statistics


  • Home no auto
  • General liability no comm. auto
  • Mono-line customers
  • Geographic area
  • Carrier

Email builder

  • Drag and drop
  • Image library
  • Mobile and desktop preview

Quick messages

  • Easily send a message to your entire book or a specific segment


  • Use existing postcard templates or create your own. All postcards can be personalized with key insurance data. No stamp licking required, we’ll send from our mail centers around the country every day.

Text messages (coming soon!)

We build insurance websites

Look like the agency or brokerage you want to be! Impress your visitors, easy for leads to request quotes, customers to ask questions and everyone to be more engaged.

Key features

  • Choose from pre-designed themes
  • Responsive design
  • Pre-built content
  • Customizable content and layout
  • Content migration assistance
  • Image library
  • Integrated blog
  • Brand integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Hosting, security & maintenance
  • And more...
Agency Revolution Websites

CSR Mastery

CSR Mastery is the only program designed to give your CSRs the tools, motivation and confidence to close more inbound calls, cross-sell more existing clients, get more referrals and deliver a “WOW” experience with every single customer contact.

CSRs at desks

Close More Inbound Calls

The CSR Mastery Program helps turn those inbound calls into “money calls!” Your CSRs can easily double their closing ratio with proven scripts, techniques and tools. They’ll love how easy it will be for them to get rapport and win the trust of prospects and customers!

Get More Referrals

Everyone knows referrals have the highest closing ratio. You can FLOOD your agency with referrals, if your CSRs have the right tools. Our CSR students routinely triple the referrals they get.

Deliver A “Wow” Experience... Every time!

Imagine if your agency became “the talk of the town” – and not just about insurance. But about delivering the greatest customer service in your marketplace. Our “Lagniappe Method” makes sure your CSRs deliver that “WOW” experience.

Training That Gets RESULTS

A members’ only website puts your CSRs in touch with a community of CSRs who strive for the best! It also gives them instant access to a “Mastery Library” of over five years of training calls, tools, special reports and systems. And periodically, they’ll be invited to participate in a LIVE interview with a CSR Super Star.

Pro Services

Busy? We thought so. Let us take some of the load off your plate. You do insurance. We do digital marketing.

Pro Service Staff

Our professional service department offers customized packages suited to your business's individual needs. Our experts are Google certified and trained to get results. With the help of your Client Success Manager, you are able to figure out what you need to be doing to maximize your digital presence and marketing campaigns. Whether your business needs help:

  • Making sure foundational SEO has been set up correctly for your website
  • Setting up custom email campaigns
  • Reviewing long term marketing strategy
  • Understanding how Social Media and Blogging can increase your web presence or being held accountable to your own projects and goals

Our Professional Services Department can help.

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For 20 years, Agency Revolution has worked hand-in-hand with independent Insurance Agencies and Brokerages. With two decades of expertise, we know what we're talking about. Want more info?

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