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Myths & Misconceptions: Disrupting the Narrative on Insurance Marketing

In an industry as old as insurance, there’s bound to be some preconceived notions about how best to market an agency. And while sometimes they are spot on, others could be out of date or just plain incorrect.

In this webinar, President of Agency Revolution Jason Walker and VP of Marketing Stefanie Altman discuss popular fallacies and show you how the right tools aren’t out of reach.

You’ll see:
– Why cost shouldn’t be the only factor when it comes to a website (you get what you pay for!)
– That marketing automation is not as complex or labor-intensive as you think
– How CRMs are not a replacement for a communications platform
– Why no matter your agency size or location, you need digital marketing to attract today’s modern consumer
– And more

Are you ready to rev up your agency’s marketing? Contact your support representative or book a demo, and we’ll be happy to help you out!