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Meet Your Mechanics February 2024: Get to Know the AR Pit Crew

By February 26, 2024Inside AR

Each month, we give the Agency Revolution team a prompt and ask for a picture and an explanation. Keep reading to find out the answers!

February Prompt: What is your favorite snowy day memory?

Allie Hueffner

Allie Hueffner, Marketing Operations Manager, said, “Winter break 2016 my family went to Lake Tahoe! This a picture of my sisters and me on a day of skiing.”

Donna Chesman

Donna Chesman, Forge Integration Specialist, said this: “Build snowmen, no matter how teeny, haha. This is from the last storm in Philly.”

Justine Sorrentino

Solutions Team Lead Justine Sorrentino said, “While I was working on the last snowy day, Frosty somehow appeared in the back yard. My son was pretty proud. The perfect snow for it!”

Bethany Jorgensen

Bethany Jorgensen, Lead Project Manager, said, “I don’t have a ton of photos from our last snow, but I have a few!”

Michelle Longo

Michelle Longo, Marketing Manager, said, “My favorite snowy day memory is also one of my favorite memories with my grandfather. When I was nine, he helped me build this snow unicorn.”


Thanks for flipping over one last beach ball! We’ve loved sharing with you this month. Have a great 4th of July!