Man in hoodie texting on his phone

January 24, 2023

Text Message Marketing Best Practices

Insurance agencies are always looking for the best ways to serve their clients. Whether that be through enhancing their services or increasing their communication. There’s always more an insurance agency can do to improve how they present themselves to their customers. If you’re an agency that’s looking to upgrade its client communication and customer service […]

Best Features of Agency Revolution Fuse

January 18, 2022

8 Features of Fuse™ and How They Grow Your Insurance...

As the most powerful and intelligent marketing automation platform available to insurance agencies, Fuse™ provides various features to enhance and simplify your marketing.  But with so many bells and whistles, some of the greatest benefits can slip by unnoticed.  In this post, we’ll outline a few of our platform’s most powerful features to help insurance […]

How to Build an Insurance Marketing Campaign for Nurturing Leads blog article from Agency Revolution

August 17, 2021

Build an Insurance Marketing Campaign for Nurturing Leads

Just like any other relationship, the one between an insurance agent and their customers requires commitment and nurturing to be successful. Building relationships with leads and customers takes time, effort, and most of all, a targeted insurance marketing campaign. When you fine-tune your marketing to connect with leads on their terms and on the channels […]

5 Efficiencies You Need in Your InsurTech Marketing Solution blog article from Agency Revolution

October 6, 2020

5 Efficiencies You Need in Your Insurtech Marketing Solution

You hear it all the time: Insurance agents who want to compete in today’s market need to adopt technological solutions to help them find, convert, and retain clients.  The problem is you didn’t become an insurance agent to spend all your time managing different technology solutions. Your first priority is to your clients. Anything that […]

7 Steps to an Effective Referral Attraction Process

April 3, 2018

7 Steps to an Effective Referral Attraction Process

Referrals are one important channel of a personalized marketing plan. Here is a list of ways you can improve the process through which you receive referrals to your insurance agency or brokerage. I invite you to read through the list below and ask yourself how you are doing in the various areas I have highlighted […]

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