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8 Features of Fuse™ and How They Grow Your Insurance Agency

By January 18, 2022Uncategorized
Best Features of Agency Revolution Fuse

As the most powerful and intelligent marketing automation platform available to insurance agencies, Fuse™ provides various features to enhance and simplify your marketing. 

But with so many bells and whistles, some of the greatest benefits can slip by unnoticed. 

In this post, we’ll outline a few of our platform’s most powerful features to help insurance agents get the most out of Fuse™.

Read on to learn more.

Highlighting Our Favorite Features of Fuse™

1. Agency Acquisitions

Maintaining quality relationships with your book of business, especially during and after an acquisition, is incredibly important. 

However, the chance that an agency you’re acquiring is using the same Agency Management System (AMS) as you is relatively slim, making it difficult to maintain the same data. 

Fuse™ supports multiple AMSs, allowing you to easily integrate new agencies with your own. 

Fuse™ also offers a solution for agencies that are waiting to announce an acquisition but still need to communicate with their new list. 

This can be done using the Agency and Location Feature, which allows agencies to send out marketing campaigns using the branding of your acquired agency. Best of all, this is all done automatically based on your AMS data. And, once you’ve announced the acquisition or merged brands, updating what people see is just as simple. 

Multi-Brand and Multi-Location Functionality can be found by going to All Settings and selecting the Agency and Location tab. Then, click the Add a Location button to add another agency.

From here, you can customize all of the messaging options for your new location, including,

  • Theme
  • Logo
  • Signature
  • Social Media Links
  • And more

2. Establish Google Reviews for Multiple Locations 

Part of the process of improving your NPS score is driving more Google reviews. But, if you have more than one location, you don’t want all of your reviews to just go to one office. 

Instead, you’ll want each of your offices to receive their own reviews. This will help each location improve its ranking in local searches. 

Fuse™ makes it easy to establish Google reviews pages for each office by converting your current AMS’s branch or office field into a Location, as shown in the Multi-Location and Multi-Functionality feature above.

A different Google reviews page can then be created and linked to each individual location, directing reviews to the related office.

3. Protect Data Integrity by Automating Data Clean-Ups

The growth potential of your agency is limited by the quality of your data. That’s why it’s so important to maintain the integrity of your data, and ensure that missing or incorrect data is corrected. 

However, the process of maintaining data integrity can be incredibly time-consuming. Depending on how much information needs to be corrected, contacting CSRs and Producers alone can take hours out of your day. 

Fuse™ allows you to automate the contact process by creating an Automated Sequence. Instead of emailing the client for contact information an Automated Sequence emails the producer or CSR in your AMS to let them know information is missing or needs to be updated. 

Sequences like this can be created for any rule within Fuse™, allowing you to trigger an alert to the specific Producers and Account Reps to correct missing data. 

This allows you to not only clean up current data but establish a process that maintains data integrity over time.

4. Provide Active Marketing with Trigger Points

Whether it’s greeting a new customer, winning back an old one, or somewhere in between, the timing and messaging of your marketing all depends on the recipient. 

Responding to these changes is essential to your marketing, though keeping up can be challenging. 

With Fuse™, you can create automated marketing campaigns to respond to issues and account activity as they occur. 

These campaigns are built with Trigger Points, which are a set of predefined events in a customer’s life cycle that help you to easily trigger your campaigns. 

For example, you could establish campaigns to trigger based on:

  • A new customer joining
  • Form submissions 
  • Losing a customer
  • Reinstating a customer

Plus, Fuse™ provides a wide range of flexibility within each campaign, allowing you to adjust messaging, send times, and more. 

5. Enable Newsletter Distribution 

A newsletter acts as a constant source of information for clients, providing company updates and resources on a monthly basis. 

With Fuse™, you can automate your newsletter distribution from a selection of 4 pre-made newsletters, including: 

  • Insurance Intel Newsletter: Infographics, videos, and articles shared automatically to your lists
  • Monthly Newsletter: A standard monthly newsletter designed to be customized
  • Commercial Lines Nurturing Messages: Personalized messaging, written as though it were coming directly from an agent and discussing a specific topic. 
  • Custom Newsletters: Design your own content, message, and cadence

6. Website Integration and Custom Forms

Fuse™ also offers dynamic forms with custom fields that can be integrated with all of your marketing automation follow up. 

These forms can be embedded on most websites, including an Agency Revolution Attract™ website. 

7. Curated Testimonials

Google Reviews are integral to your agency’s reputation and search ranking. And though you cannot filter which reviews appear on your Google Reviews page, you can determine which reviews appear on your website by adding testimonials

You can do this by navigating to the Reputation tab and selecting Testimonials. From here, you can curate which Google Reviews appear on your testimonials page. 

8. Agency Management Specific Functionalities

Agency Revolution has a team of engineers dedicated to integrations, providing a variety of features unique to each AMS. Here are just a few examples. 

AMS 360

  • Add an AMS 360 Suspense: Imagine you have an email set to win a customer back, but you think it could be better to have a personal phone call and you want the Producer to reach out. With Fuse™, you can add an AMS 360 Suspense directly to AMS 360, allowing you to do just that.  
  • Download Profile Q&As: Fuse™ allows you to download AMS 360 profile Q&As, providing custom data to enhance your marketing segmentation. 

Applied Epic 

  • Download Opportunities. With Fuse™, you can download Opportunities, providing marketing automation to prospects. 


  • Sub-Statuses and Policy: Integration with Hawkswoft enables marketing to trigger off of sub-statuses and policies within Fuse™.  

Upgrade Your Marketing with Fuse™

Not all automation platforms are created equal, and we’re not shy about proving ours is the best.

With some of the most advanced features available to insurance agencies, Fuse™ provides the tools to enhance and automate your marketing. 
Click the link to learn more about Fuse™ marketing automation, and discover how it can help your agency leverage the features above.

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