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Meet Your Mechanics September 2023: Get to Know the AR Pit Crew

By September 29, 2023December 4th, 2023Uncategorized

Each month, we give the Agency Revolution team a prompt and ask for a picture and an explanation. Keep reading to find out the answers!

September Prompt: What was your favorite subject in school?

Joel Zwicker

You know him as the Insurance Evangelist here at AR, but did you know Joel was the Senior Class President in Grade 12 and had his very own office? Joel said, “I enjoyed hiding out in there and not going to class. But if I had to identify my favorite class, it was Law!” This is Joel’s senior portrait. Fun fact: His daughter recreated this for her own senior portrait earlier this year.

Monika Baraket

Monika, our Vice President of Operations, had an interesting answer: Swimming! Monika explained, “I was in a special sports school in Poland focused on swimming. The government set these up during communist times to feed athletes through to Olympic levels. I tried out and got in in 4th grade. The majority of my time in school was training for swim meets and competitions. I had maybe 4 hours of regular school. So, my favorite subject was for sure SWIMMING.” This is a picture of Monika in the 5th grade taking a break from the pool during summer camp in Ellenville, NY. This was her first summer in America after emigrating from Poland.

Michelle Longo

Marketing Manager Michelle Longo said her favorite classes were Journalism and Creative Writing. She also enjoyed serving as an editor on both the school paper, The Cat’s Eye View, and the literary magazine, Images. She couldn’t find her yearbook or a picture of her looking studious, but she did manage to dig up a photo of her getting ready to cheer on the football team from sophomore year.